Monday, December 20, 2010

Louis Vuitton Giveaway

This is the most extravagant giveaways ive joined and since i super dreamed this bag, here i am joining this amazing and fantastic giveaway.DSK Jewelry Co. giving out this awesome bag as part of their Christmas giveaways.
You can check the details of this promotion in this site:

Christmas Giveaways

Christmas isnt just a time for giftgiving but for contests and giveaways too. We all knew that this is the best time to conduct blog promotions in time for the Christmas season. Speaking of giveaways, So Chic Bag Boutique is conducting its pre opening contest:
The Giveaways:
- 2 Gift Cards
- $20 paypal cash
- and there will be 3 winners for the said contest.
Mechanics and other quieries are available here

Ive learned

....that people are cruel and so as the society we are living with. Nonetheless i always realize that before we ask for understanding,try to understood always. I knew its so hard always especially when criticisms came. We all faced personal crises, whether its about our career, personal or even about our respective family but whatever it may be, one thing that i always realize is to always make our feet on the ground. Coz the more people are pretending to be on top and is boosted with their ego, the more that people will wish for your down.I realized too that God has its own way to making people feel whatever they do unto others - that God is magnificient in its own way. The person you hurt may not go in his own terms for revenge but always and almost God will always do his ways to make you learn of the not so good things you've done to others. Lastly, i came into realization that there are things we may question at first for coming into our life but at the end of the day youll be flattered of how God planned your story for an ending far better than you thought to be. Its great to be just a faithful follower and a good servant always. YOu may not be rewarded by the things you dreamed of but you will be given of things far from what youre dreamin of. Praise God always.

Dashing Day

Today is the Christmas Party of my mom's organization, it was quite a busy day for us yesterday. We prepared their foods and plenty of giveaways were prepared for the members. We were thankful that it was well participated. Today we just stayed at home, enjoying the cold breeze and at the same doing movie marathons. I decided to make a fruit salad for home consumption. My friend texted me to go to their house but a bit lazy to go out. Well., this is the best Christmas ever and i am thankful for everything that came on my way this year.