Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Whats the Perfect Gift?

I am now in a look out as to what gift i could give to my only love. He will be celebrating his birthday this coming 4th of September while yours truly will have my birthday on the 16th. He doesn't wants me to buy anything and i cant help it. But i have a perfect idea that would surely melt his heart. I hope it works. My honey had been very good to me and i just want to return the favor. Just this week he pampered me with few stuff that i really love so much. I missed him terribly when we cant spoke to each other in a day. I mean he became a wristwatch in my life. I would knew if he has been out of work because he will immediately called up and at night i cant sleep if i cant receive his call. He has been driving me crazy these days and i really love the feeling of being with someone who has valued you so much.

On the other end, i have so many in-lined tasks to do today. Hopefully, i could finish it all. Well, have a great day guys. Do take care always.