Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hair Treatment Postponed

I was at the parlor awhile ago for my hair treatment. I had to do a re-bonding session for my hair as i am already experiencing excessive hair fall. My partner already asked if i did it since i was supposed to do it last week and since i was hit by a flu and i rested for a week, i have to reschedule it today. Unfortunately, there was no vacant attendant to do my hair so i was advised to set an appointment tomorrow. I always trust this high end salon since i am always happy with their service. What i love about them is their honesty on their service. They won't do the service unless they make sure you will have a happy result. In fact, after my rebond with them the last time, i availed of their treatment and i'm happy with their service. I already have the privileged card so i am entitled to discounts in all of their services.

Haist, i was wishing to rest tomorrow but i think i will have to do the treatment the soonest or my partner will ask me again if i already did it. I don't want to postponed it again as we still have few activities and errands to attend to. Anyway, how's the post-election feeling?