Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Could you Cheat on Someone?

You Could Cheat on Someone...

You may not want to admit it, but you have it in you to cheat.

You agree that cheating is bad, but you also think it's somewhat forgivable.

You're more on the fence with this than you think, and you could cheat if tempted enough.

Stay away from temptation for now. And figure out what may really be driving you to stray.

Wanted: Opps

I noticed its quite some time since PPP poured opps for me, i dont know whats happening, lucky are those who have more reviews now, more molah..heheh...but still thankful i did some review at other paying site,,,haays,life of a blogger, but somehow there still quite a lot of reasons to be happy, i have more friends now, and of course i can see now my passion for blogging, before i seldom update my blog but now almost every night i can sleep without updating this online endeavor of mine,hope this one works and all my effort will be rewarded, just crossing my finger.

Still Awake

My time says its 15 minutes more to go before 12 midnight, i actually took a nap already but decided to woke up to do my nightly routine, after which i decided to come online and update my blog, here im infront of my pc, drinking my milk first for a good sleep. How about you guys, are u still awake?

Stealing Moments

I am so pissed with the gf of my friend, while we were hanging out at the plaza, she kept on texting our friend coz she want my friend to pick her up at the downton, she knew our friend is with us, and that its just so seldom that we went out, she is stealing his moments with us, i am a bit so pissed with her, shes very selfish. I knew and i understand that she has all the right coz she the girlfriend but she should try to think also that theyre not yet married, she has no right to demand time from him,ewww, am i right?hehehe

Had Dinner

I had a dinner with my former friends at Ormoc, We actually dine in at BG Roys fine dining which just along the highway, its actually a nice place to eat and hang out especially if youre with your friends, While we were eating Richard Gomez came along with his peers, we were just so amazed because he went their, he said "hi" to us, but just a few minutes, he immedietly go home i guess he has something to do outside that a bit more important. It was a great night for us.