Friday, September 30, 2011

Random Thoughts

I am excited for Saturday. I still don't have plans of going somewhere else but i am just planning to bond with some friends. I would love to buy the bag that i am eyeing but then since i am scheduled for a trip probably next week then i guess i will just buy it at the nearest town. Hopefully my sister will go with me for a movie date. Its been quite sometime since we go out to watch movie. Most of the time we will roam around and shop for some personal stuff and seldom we agree to watch some movie. Just the other day, i mentioned to her that i love the movie that will be showing soon at the mall and she said that she loves it too. Tomorrow is our only time to bond so i might just take advantage of it. Its pay day guys so im sure people will flocked at the mall. Wise spending always.

Anyway, my honey phoned me in so early but i really love it. Let me share with you my sms message to him last night which made his heart melt:

I love you because..

You are my strength when i am weak..
You are my pain reliever when i am hurt..
You are my pillow when i am tired
You are my shadow when i am alone...

After such, he called up immediately and i knew how much he was touched with the message. Oh, im getting so senti now but i wish you know guys how much I'm happy to be with the man who just don't love you but protect and care every inch of you.

How to Win on Pokies

Honestly speaking, i haven't tried playing casino online nor betting up at poker play. A friend told me once that she has an amazing experience playing such game at Casino Halls and she even recommends me to visit the place if i have time. Another good friend who fortunately married a business tycoon in Australia is now a poker addict. She confessed that she can even played the game the entire day and stay even at wee hours. Such cases made me wonder whats with the game and what is the excitement the game brings on to a player. I admit each one of us has its own fair share of vices and sometimes we do have plays and games we are hooked on and if ever i will have spare time i will surely browse some relevant tips how to win on pokies. I would love to experience the fun and the thrill on such games. Of course, i don't want to be left out by some friends and i find it extra fun to encounter win on pokies.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

We're Finally Back

After some blue days, we are finally okey with my honey. Things were patched up and we are back with each others arms. Admittedly, we are not a perfect couple and its just typical that we sometimes underwent trials that would shake our relationship. I choose to stay with my bed and silently deal with an emotional dilemma for the past few days. He, on the other hand would choose to call me every single moment just to settle things. I have the attitude of not talking when i felt i need a space for myself and i often do it with him. I knew i am becoming unfair to him coz in the very first place, he has no idea of what im going through and i dont give him the chance to fix whatever that needs to be remedied. Fortunately, things fell to better places. I realized my mistake and took the first move. I knew how he missed me terribly and i do missed him too badly. WE just talked awhile ago and i felt how became stronger couple.

Love does not need to be ideal at all times. Sometimes we need a little shake and a little rottle to finally realize each others value. Stay in love guys.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gloomy Wednesday

im unhappy Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Your Bank Checks Options

The convenience of simplified banking is truly a help to every person who spent most of his time on banks. When i was still doing my previous job, you can see me at the bank most of the time. Its not actually most of the coz everyday i am mostly seen at this financial institutions. In fact, most of the bank personnels became a close confidante to the point that i became the godparent of their sons and daughters. Being sorrounded by people who is a bit knowledgeable on managing finances opt me to open my first savings account. Although i am handling bank checks for the company, i wanted to experience having my own check and it realized in no time.

A close friend way back then influenced me to try out his bank and when i visited it for no reason i find the customer service really enticing. The following month, i opened up a savings account at them because of their low minimum deposit. I had my first passbook account but then i am eyeing for order checks because i saw my friend having a great time carrying order checks. I realized my present account was convenient than having a checking account so i stick with the former as my banking confidante.

Choosing your banking option is a must for everyone so that you could assess which among those package best fits your financial status and capability.

Scout for a Perfect Beauty Supply Outlet

I am vain by nature. I always struggle to make myself presentable to everyone. Sometimes, i do wish of availing some beauty enhancing products but hence money is not a friend so i end up being contented to what i can afford of. I dont compromise myself with treatments that are below the standards. I had an experience of having a dry flakes and ugly hair because of treatments that i just grabbed due to low discounts. I failed to realize that i am risking my hair to poor quality service because of compromising terms. As everyone wants to look good by what we have, i also want to look at my best even with few imperfections that i have.

Being beautiful doesnt need to be expensive. In fact, the little hygienic routine that we follow is also one way of maintaining a sound personality.Our struggle of keeping up a beautiful perspective is the core reason why beauty supply outlet is flocked everyday. From dreaming of a shiny and smooth hair to visting a spa are just few of the things a woman wish of every single day. Speaking of hair stuffs, i love to share how i am happy with my recent discovery. A friend recommends a cuticle coat and a hair moisturizer which i am using everyday, and boy i love how my hair transforms into a shiny and smooth piece as great as Indian remy hair. The latter they say is a must have for every Asian. So if you want to have an Indian remy hair, visit your nearest salon for a treatment that best fits your hair.

The Best Rifle Scopes in Town

This month is the celebration of Science month for most schools. I knew it because of a nephew who is studying at one of the private school in town. She was chosen to be the contestant of their Science Quizz Bee whioh i knew she has the potential of winning the said game. Well that note made me reminisce my high school days. As im one of the active student at my time, i was mostly assigned in facilitating games and other activities. My most memorable stuff was when we have our educational trip at the nearest university because of their Science Month affair by which they have an open house activities that features fantastic and artistic exhibits of different equipments and laboratory stuff.

The open house exhibit was fantastic. Ive learned a lot of things like stuff about scientists, inventions, trivias and i personally saw different laboratory equipments that i just see at my book.I first took a curious glimpse at Sniper scope and it was really rewarding. The learning we get from reading our books will be much fullfilling especially when we see the equipments by our naked eyes.I was also lucky to try out Rifle scopes and i am willing to visit an open house exhibit at this point. I wish i could have seen a plethora of tactical scopes because my friend is curious about such scopes. She was telling me to buy her one so im also curious as to how this stuff looks. Well, the internet has every solution to our problem and i believe i can find a perfect online store that caters a huge assortments of scopes, right guys?

My Worried Honey

My love learned that there is a typhoon at the country so he was a bit worry as to our security. But then i assured him that we are perfectly fine and that the storm is a bit at the northern part of Luzon. However, he still not satisfied and he felt unease so he advised us not to go out to prevent from any untoward incidents. I really appreciate a hubby as sweet and as thoughtful as my partner. Im just lucky to have him in my life. I love you my sweet love.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Exciting Monday

Another great surprise!!!!!!. Ill be flying to Cebu the soonest...But this time ill stay for few days. I'm super excited guys and although i stayed at the place for a year but the excitement of roaming around the mall and visiting some great places is still undeniably good. God has been so good to me, just when i thought HIS graces and blessings are enough. He didn't fail to surprise me in little ways that brings an utmost happiness to me. I love you God and thanks for everything. Hopefully, my trip will be successful and i could finish all my matters the earliest.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

How is your Internet Protection?

Until now i still have fear on web surfing because of some reasons. I was told by a good friend who happened to be an internet professional to be always vigilant in transacting online and be responsible always in surfing the net. Although, there are rules and laws that guides net surfers as to the ethical and lawful acts in the internet. Still, some men do not follow the rules and end up breaking the law. They say internet medium is the perfect portal for scamming, fraud and other illegal acts which uses the internet. In some ways, the net gives a wonderul exerience and comfort to each one of us but on the other hand are dozens of drawbacks that give an awful experience especially to a person who became and will become a victim of internet related crimes.

Needless to say, proper security of our internet usage will at least lessen the possibility of being one of the victims of said scenario. Checking out our internet protection will also be helpful to surf the net securely. Other than the fraid stuff, we should also fear for possible virus encounters because i heard most viruses nowadays are already technically advanced. Having a strong Internet Security is always advised by IT personnels to prevent us from any security problems in the future. It is also deemed necessary to avail of Hosted Security so that we can be assured of safe surfing always.

Get a Wireless Doorbell Now

Home security is the top most priority of every home owner. We dont want to stay at our respective houses sharing same roof with the thieves, dont you? I personally dont want to experience being robbed or my stuff being taken by unknown men. I will surely freak out because i am always attached to my personal belongings. Safety and security of my home is very vital to me thats why i always put additional locks at our doorway when i felt necessary.

When i was still living independently at my own apartment. I managed to put automatic alarm to my main door because i am afraid of dealing with robbers in the midst of a good sleep. I dont have relatives nor immediate family members who can help me out there so i am always proactive in terms of my personal security. I wish i should have known about wireless doorbells coz if i have known that earlier i will definitely avail of the said alarm. My aunt who lives alone in Canada avail of wireless doorbell at her own pad. She said the stuff really helped her a lot in terms of checking out visitors at her doorstep.The signalling device at our front doors will also help us easily recognize visitors waiting at our respective doorway.

For convenience and sophisticated home device, wireless door bell is a fantastic pick. I tell you guys you would surely love having this at home.

Am I Loyal?

You Are Very Loyal

You are loyal to a fault. You stick with who you know and who you trust.

You're not in a big rush to shake up your comfort zone, but you could be missing out on better things.

This isn't to say you should throw your relationships and friendships away. You should be a little more open to the world though!

Try a new restaurant or brand of toothpaste. You may surprise yourself and find something you like better.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Protect Your Home with Driveway Alarm

A home is our nest area especially if we want to have a private time for ourself. I often experience wanting to have a private time for myself. Something that i can just do anything that i want, think of everything that bothers me and of course my fair share of day dreaming. In other words, our home should be a place where we could convene our dreams and a home where we could dream and wish.

Sounds like we are talking about fairy tale like mansions or pricey houses that we see on magazines but i am actually not referring to it. Im talking to a place where we feel safe and comfortable. Safety of the people living at the four corners of the room is our utmost priority thats why some home owners resort in buying driveway alarm to aid them with protection against possible theft incidents or worst robbery scenario. Of course, we dont want to deal with robbers because i tell you guys, they're one of the most dangerous men you could ever encounter and to avoid them, you have to equipp you house with modern protection system like wireless driveway alarm. Having such gadgets and alarm system will make you feel safe and at ease. Well, another worth to mention gadget to mention is the wireless intercom system which my hubby just bought the other months. He has all the good words about this stuff so avail all of the said alarm system at your earliest.

Friday Updates

Two more days to go and the week will about to end. Friday seems a day to celebrate about because it marks the end of working days for some. I am not an exemption to that too but since i am over busy dealing with a lot of stuff lately, i have been asking for few leaves consecutively. Its not a secret that i am doing some online tasks too and at the same time a regular worker. Sometimes, i do have hard time managing my time and finishing all deadlines especially that i accept works as article writer. Mind you guys, its not always easy to do multiple deadlines while trying to finish all your dozens of tasks excellently. I do run out of words sometimes and I also encounter some moments where my brain is not working. Nevertheless, i have personal motivations which drives me to work hard. I dont want to let those nerves eat my laziness. Success for me is something that is about reaping fruits after a laborious and tiring journey of hardwork and perseverance thats why i opt to face my battles.

Speaking of lifes battles, recently we are at the midst of hardships and im not ashamed of it because no life in this world that is shaped by pure happiness. I will not be ashamed if we will have no water or electricity in the coming days nor food at the table because we knew our priorities. My sister will be taking her board exam and she will fly at her location in the next few months. Her tuition and expenses are bloated that we have to simply adjust few things to cater her needs. I knew some people cant understand with such endeavors simply because they have no experience for such stuff but for parents who are struggling to meet both ends while giving their children a priceless possession then i knew they have a heart for us. But in some ways, i find it rewarding and fulfilling. I knew in due time all of our sacrifices will be paid off. We just have to wait for a little time and finally we can start a family journey and celebrate our triumphs. To my sister, goodluck day. We will always pray for you and we will remain to be at your side whether you will made it in the board exam or not.

What do you know about Web Conference?

The essence of technological advancement gives a variety of comfortable attributes to one's life. For instance, the birth of mobile phones simply bridges the gap between two people separated miles apart. You will no longer wait for snail mails or used the old school telegram just to send message to your dearest husband or wife. Today, in just a click you can update your loved ones as to your whereabouts and even share her a glimpse of some tourist attractions in town.

The medium of communication has indeed revolutionized coz its innovation is not just up to sms or talk features because you can also do some live streaming through Video conference. The latter is a very helpful means of communication especially if you want to see the other person badly. Apart from that, you can also take advantage of other ways to communicate effectively to the other party by means of Web conference or Audio conference. Both are widely known communication portals which are in demand especially in the business industry because of its key role in helping business owners supervise their respective businesses.I dont see any reason why one can experience a communucation barrier other than major catastrophe that will destroy signals and major lines of communications but in some case, ur communication portals are at its zenith

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Trusted Name in the Industry

For any customer, a brand's credibility says somethings else. WE dont want to compromise every penny that we pay for a product that is not worth of our time and our investment. Thats why for adult products or merchandise trust

They have huge assortments of DVDs at a very affordable price. They have been in business for over 40 years, have over 10 million highly satisfied customers, and offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our 18,000 products. Also, experts approves everything they sell so they can ensure their customers to have a healthy, fulfilling experience. You will surely love to avail and take advantage of the following promos:

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Or better yet you can just check out for more details and further inquiries.

Loans for People with Bad Credit

Looking for loans for people with bad credit? Its quite true that people who have poor credit ratings are most likely subject to meticulous process in terms of loans approval and the like. It explains why people who have history of credit ratings at its low back are rejected by credit card companies and even during mortgage applications. With this note, its imperative that we should take our credit ratings at its passing marks but what if you just had a bad past but then you were able to recover and you want to apply for loans? What will you do?

Gladly, there are financial institutions that cater such needs. You dont need to be screened by multiple loan head officers because today they even cater loans for people with bad credit. Also, you dont need to scout for their office because they have online transactions that will process a speedy loan approval. offers an incredible online loan application whether its personal loans for vacation, wedding or for any reason. Their approval is easier that you think so what are you waiting for check their online portal now.

Im Cramming

Yay, i dont know where to start first. In past few days, ive been super busy doing errands, finishing all my articles and dealing with various stuff. Now i received an email from the client that i need to submit the articles in a couple of hours. I asked my sister to help me out and good things she did and now i will be encoding all of those 25 articles. Unfortunately, i still need to go to downtown coz i run out of cash. I dont know where to start with everything that i need to do. I realized its not easy to be me. I am on leave isnce yesterday coz i cant finish all the errands that the hubby requested me to do. Now, i need to. Apart from that, i still have pending tasks from paying sites that needs my attention very soon. Where will i start? I knew i should be grateful with all the blessings i am enjoying but i wish i had a break.wink*

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Blah

Being inspired with someone is the simplest and the best reason why you find yourself
smiling without a reason. :)

It seems that i have a fantastic day, actually everyday is a great day. My love just arrived after an amazing fishing adventure. He was bragging that he caught 5 kilos of salmon fish. I was over busy at work because i need to catch up with few clients and im happy that i made it and meet my quota. The lunch break is a good chance for us to do some net surfing and i love it always because i am updated with some tasks and get the chance to update my portal too. I was not supposed to go to office because the hubby has errands for me and since he arrived late at home and wasnt able to drop by at western union so i will just do it by tomorrow. We need to pay some bills so in chaos to update him of the things we need to settle. Good thing i have a supportive honey pie. He didnt complain and he always understand whenever i have unexpected expenses. I love you honey and have a good rest now.mwah

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My 26th Birthday Bash

As promised, heres a quick glimpse to my birthday bash which was taken last Saturday. It was just a family affair but im glad some good friend remember it.


My cake courtesy of the hubby


Blowing my cake


With some friends and visitors

It was such a fantastic night for me. I never celebrated a brithday bash with my family for few years and this year is so great. So, its just right to make a celebration. Cheers guys!

Sleepy After the Party

Yours truly has a fabulous night so at this point my eyes is barely open. However, i cant missed this chance of updating my portal. I have surpised visitors last night which made it my most fantastic birthday celebration. I opt to sleep early because i was tired running errands in the morning. I was planning to take a longer sleep when i was awakened by my love's call. He was jst checking out how was i doing and after a few minutes of conversation, i got ready to prepare myself for church. The rest of the family members woke up early coz they prepare breakfast for our visitors. I had a full energy giving meal too as my mom prepared hot choco, pancake while the brother bought few delicacies at the market. I can never thank God enough for everything that he has done in my life. My unending gratitude to my God.For now, allow me to thank all my visitors and expect me at your doorsteps.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Update

Let me give you some quick update guys. I will be hosting a small birthday celebration tonight and i have few friends coming over to the house. Well, i have so many surprises to share about my birthday yesterday. I received a boquet of balloon arrangement from someone so dear to me with a card in it. I was surprised when i went home after buying some stuff, i found it in my room as pretty and fantastic as the sender. To the sender, you are very dear to me and i will always be here for you. My birthday celebration today is courtesy of my hubby. I will be uploading later some nice photos of it including my birtday cake and i really love it so much. On some other ends, my brother arrived early this morning together with some friends. Its actually his staff and some of his men who just visited our place for some adventure. They just left a while ago for some touring stuff.

As with my online tasks, i have so many things to do and finished too. My boss gave me 25 articles to finish within this week and im afraid i will have limited time to do so. Apart from that, i have pending 50 assorted articles from a regular client.I dont think i can manage to finish all of these when i still have work to do and blogs to updates. Hayst, i wish i could complain but i cant really reject these clients coz ive been working with them in a couple of months. They're pay is as good as you think of plus they send the payment instantly. Right now, i am printing out some research stuff for the said articles and i badly need to finish five of it before monday. While the rest of the ordered articles have no specific deadlines and i am just waiting for my client to email me her instructions. Its quite a headache and when i think of it already, im really becoming hopeless coz i know it requires much time than i thought of. However, when i think of monetary compensation that i will receive from working this stuff in just a matter of weeks then its enough for me to shop from upper garments to pricey footweer. Well, its enough motivation, right guys?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Its My Birthday!!!

The most awaited day of the year comes with fireworks. Like anyone else, this is so much special especially that i feel the loved of everyone else in my circle of friends and family. My hubby is so sweet coz he was one who first greeted me and sang me his own version of Happy Birthday (hahaha). Instead of preparing a little celebration today, i decided to have it tomorrow because most of my family members have worked and school stuff to attend to.In few minutes, ill be leaving to the nearest town to buy some stuff for tomorrow. I am scouting for the best cake in town coz my hubby wants it to be the way he wished. I am thankful for my friends and my not so good friends for the attention and love. This is the best birthday i have ever have because i am with someone so special. The space in here may not be enough to thank him for all the things he has done on my life. For standing for me especially during trials and shortcomings and for uplifting my spirit whenever i am down and confused. Indeed, life offers a millions of opportunies and chances in our life and when you get the best things in life, its just like winning a lottery everyday.

Well, a very happy birthday to me and hopefully my God will continue to bless me and my family a hundredfold.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Day Before My Birthday

Looking back, i am and still the girl who is always excited whenever my special day comes. When i was still a bit younger, i would ask my mom to make a spaghetti because it always means something else for a kid. But now, i usually decides if im going to celebrate my birthday with a bash or simply a family gathering. I can count on my fingers the times where i celebrated my birthday with a bash. I could still recall when i was still at my previous company. My boss would treat the entire staff to a birthday bash. He is such a sweet and thoughful superior. Also, i am one of the few people who were lucky to experience memorable birthday celebrations that in a way a splendid and sweet. Anyway, tomorrow marks my natal day.Im happy to say that this has been a great year for me and if i still had wish in my life, its just about good health for my family members and continous guidance of my God. Just a while ago, my brother called up coz they will go home to our place for my birthday. I am just thankful that i have wonderful siblings who is so supportive and understanding. Well, i decided to have a small family event this coming saturday because thats just the time everyone is available. My brother promised me for a birthday cake. I already prepared my desserts and few menus. I knew it will just be more on drinking session. In a way my celebration is just about thanksgiving and catching up with some old friends and family members too. Stay happy guys!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Top Culinary Schools in New York

I am a confessed food lover. My weight is already uncontrollable because of my desire to eat foods that are palatable. Who doesnt wants to taste yummy foods when served with wine or sweets, not me either would you? Well, most of us can't resist the temptation of foods and because of that fact, most women and even men are purusing a degree in culinary arts. The latter according to its definition is a management degree whose specialization revolves on cooking, food prepartion and the like. A person who graduates or finished such degree can either land a job like a chef, food and beverage director jobs and even a professor at a cooking school.

There are variety of compelling reasons why one wants to pursue a degree in culinary arts. For one, she either wants to cook pretty well or she just wants to impress her husband or a friend. Whatever it is, its just right to say that cooking isnt just a simple business that once was coz today preparing a food is a serious craft that needs and entails formal training. Speaking of formal training, if you wish to finish a degree in Culinary arts then you must enroll yourself to a culinary school. Picking up the best school in town that offers the best training for such craft is never easy. There are few considerations to think before filling up their registration form. First off, check the school background. How many students have landed a great career? Are they accreditted with the proper office? Do they have complete kitchenware and training quipments? These and more are just few questions you need to ask before you decide yourself to enroll with them.

The good news, a friend told me about top new york arts culinary schools. She said that after a thorough and careful background check of the best culinary schools in New York, she has finally found the right cooking school for her. I am really glad that she has finally enroll herself with the said school. But of course every student has a unique needs and interests so its just right and proper to have a fair share of researh and scout days to come up with the perfect cooking school that best fits your skills. Earning a degree at the top caliber culinary arts school is indeed a great accomplishment so if you are scouting for cooking schools nyc then perhaps i could help you trimmed down your list. Why dont you inquire at Culinary Institute of America French Culinary Institute Italian or perhaps you could try at Culinary Academy New York Rustico Cooking? These are just few of the top Culinary Schools in New York that offers the best of the best in the said craft.

Ms Philippines Deserves to Win

I guess most of my fellow Filipinos would agree that our bet is worth of the Ms. Universe crown, right? I thought that she will really take home the crown but i was so disappointed that it was somebody else. BUt dont worry guys, our thought is the same as Oprah thought it. Mind if i share some of her comment at NBC news.

"I have reservations with the results. If the only basis is the Q and A portion, after having been trimmed down to 5, Ms. Philippines deserved to win. What made her different from the rest is that she had no seconds to rethink of her answer as she had no interpreter to break the ice. The rest had their interpreters and having breaks on seconds to think about their answers. Hands down, Ms. Philippines answered straight to the point "

Oprah Winfrey

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Mahal's Sweet Meme

Having a man you can always resort to be it just a petty nonsense stuff or a serious talk is just one of the most memorable thing a woman could ever experienced. I mean, not all man and partners are partners and so as the fact that not all lovers cares. With this note, im proud to say that ive found an extra extra caring person that i could find anywhere in this world. Just like normal lovers we also have moments of quarrels and we get pissed too like what happened last night. It was just a simple conversations that ends up with serious arguments but as always we fixed it before each of us is hurt. I told him about some stuff that bothers me and he is so sweet to assure me that he is always behind me in everything that we do. Also, he assures me that he will always care for my family and protect us all the time. I was really touched that way he cares for me and for my family. With all honesty, he really does helped us in all aspects whether its about finances or advice. Im really precious to the eyes of God for having given me a man who loved me unconditionally. He had me at my worst yet he loves me at his best. What more can i ask?

Party Stuff

I just arrived from buying some party stuff for my birthday. We roamed around the mall too and bought few personal stuff. Once again, i found a nice blouse which was over fantastic. I bought it without hesitation though it was pricey as it belongs to a recognizable brand. Anyway, i am already tired in preparing for my birthday bash. I promised its just going to be a family affair but i cant help but invite some good friens. Good thing, i have a great hubby who always supports me anything i want. Well, before i forget. We met with some collegues because they were having a meeting at the coffee shop at the groud floor of the mall. When i was about at the entrance of the establishment, they called my attention and the meeting was quite. Lots of chitchats and catching up each others lives. I missed my collegues before though most of the pioneer where already at their respective home place. Its nice seeing them and i really missed bonding with them. For your info guys, i use to be with them even though im the only girl. Back then we will have group outings, drinking session and most of the time eating outside. How i missed those times. But of course im happy to say that im at my happiest state. God has put things to where i should be. To God be the glory always. I love you God.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Loudlaunch Scam?

I've been receiving notifications about tasks from this site. Ive known the company for some time and ive received payments from them too but i became suspicious when i dont received any payment from them for few months. I've thought they will just pay in bulk but to my dismay it just accumulates and accumulates until they will tricked you. Just recently, ive seen a credited payment on my account which i didn't received. I contacted their customer support but you cant contact them either. I tried to email them which i've been doing for quite some time. I didnt hear any feedback but ill surely update or correct this post once the other party will do something else. Im doing this because i knew other bloggers still accepts tasks from them and hopefully some will come out in the open if they experience same scenario as mine. Loudlaunch is not my bread and butter but the fact that i also accepted some tasks with them and wasted my time is something else.

MOnday Updates

Heres another Monday updates.Well i am perfectly fine except for a mild head ache which ive been experiencing for a couple of days. My hubby is already mad at me coz he wants me to rest but because im hard headed sometimes, i don't follow his rules. Last night, he gave me a long speech while giving me a firm word for "listen". I was just smiling because i knew im making my love hard time controlling me. To make the story short, i texted him how much i appreciate his care and love and promise him that i will be an obedient girl for him. Its my first time to be tame guys, hehehhe. On the lighter note, i will be celebrating my birthday this coming Friday and im planning for a simply family blast. My brother phoned me last night that he will come over with some friends. I hope i will not spend so much because i will certainly be spanked by my partner.wink*

Saturday, September 10, 2011

What a Day!

My mom complained coz we went home late. I thought too that we will go home earlier but to my dismay i was fascinated by those trendy apparels and i cant get enough of those so the ending i bought two dresses in a row. I was planning not to buy any for myself because i already shop too much in the previous days but since the hubby requested me to go out for sometime and enjoy so i became an obedient girl. My grocery lists became longer as i passed every passage of the store hallways, picking things i desired. What a hole of the pocket indeed but at the end of the day, i was very much delighted with all of my buys. To this, allow me to give a great hug to my love for all those things. Thanks honey for making my life wonderful. Anyway, allow me to say Goodnight peepz, time to dose off as i was very tired roaming around downtown.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Never Been This Sure

I remember a collegue once told me that when you're with a great partner it can be seen in your face. Well, i just remember this thought when i was daydreaming one time. Of course, i dont want to discredit my previous mates because they had been a part of me too but when you are with someone you feel is the ONE everything will really changed. I never felt as peaceful and as assured as i am feeling now. Although, our relationship is not also perfect nor near perfect but we always strive to work as one because we want the relationship to last. I knew ive been talking too much lately about my man but guys love just came once in a blue moon and ive been waiting this for so long. Cant get enough as to how overwhelmed i am. I love my honey so much.

Your E-Commerce Partner

Gone are the days where selling is about renting a place and being on the store for the rest of the day so as to monitor your sales and inventory. The modern day market has revolutionized because of the innovative instruments that make things possible. For instance if you are a online shopper then you are probably familiar with Ebay? The latter is a well known site for shoppers who is searching for the best find. Both the seller and the buyer transacts virtually. Payments are properly arranged depending on the convenience of both parties. The above scenario tells us that an online portal covers almost everything we need. We can take advantage of it in paying our bills, shopping, researching and even dating. How amazing the world and technology in particular, right?

Thus, having an online store espcially if you're already serving thousands of customers a day may not be as manageable as you've thought. Just think of checking out your sales everyday and balancing your inventory. Cases in point, it does gives sleepless nights and stressful system to the one managing. To that point, you absolutely need an Ecommerce Solution that is designed for online businesses. Turnkey Ecommerce makes your business easy to manage and account your merchandise with no hassle. You dont need to hire a store manager, an inventory clerk or an accountant just to make your job easier, with this software - it's ultimately your friend in everything you need. You know why most business owners have hard time managing their finances as well as tracking their inventory? its because they fail to realize the importance of everyday monitoring of such vital factors. Some even take inventory counting for granted, the fact that the latter is really stressful that made this matter a secondary if not least of priority.

Needless to say, the success of any online endeavor lies on the hardwork and complete eye for details of every owner. Everyone will agree that Selling Products Online is never an easy venture although you manage and control your time most of the time. The secret of a successful online business is about knowing every functionality of your business and responding and acting it up as quickly as possible. Tight integration to every functions that needs your attention will contribute immensely to a huge success of your online enterprise. To that note, tight integration of every streamline can be done easily with Zoovy. Make this a partner of your business journey.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy and Delighted

I have so many reasons to smile today. First off, its the birthday of Mama Mary and im planning to hear mass later this afternoon. I took an off from work today coz i have an important matter to attend to. Actually i need to personally check on it because i need to give an update to the hubby the soonest. He actually just call now, he wanted to know if im done with his errands. Gladly, i am finished dealing with it. In fact, i leaved early so that i could see the person immediately. My hubby is a little strict sometimes. He wants a clear and direct answer whenever he wants things done. But of course, i am already used to his attitude coz he just want an urgent response. Im happy with everything thats happening to me and i hope Mama Mary will continue to guide and bless me every step of the way. Have a great day everyone.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Whats My Word?

Your Word is Imagination

You are a colorful person who only sees potential. You love to create and explore.

You could never feel bored; there are entire fantasy worlds that live in your head.

You are very open to the world. You try to say yes to as many opportunities as possible.

Your mind knows no limits. You always allow yourself to dream big.

A Great Day

How are you doing guys? I hope all is fine with everybody. As for me, i am taking my lunch break after a stressful work. I still have pending tasks in queue and I'm happy to work on that the soonest. Let me tell you some quick updates. I'm just in the mood to write and gladly i had a great day. I cant help but smile because of some stuff. Well, there are just people not worth of our attention, right guys? Sometimes when you hear few stuff from people that simply don't matters or maybe a product of an innate insecurity then what can you do, but to give them a raised eyebrows. These people are instrumental to make you strive and struggle and I'm thankful that they're there to remind me of my goals in life. But to give them their pleasure? Not with me, sorry guys but you simply have to look for someone with the same breeding as you do. Of course we have our own struggle and I'm never ashamed of that because we do it with sweat and labor not for mere sitting and monkeying. We are all college degree holder and look what you've got? That alone says something else. Yes, we are not a perfect family but we always strive as hard as we could coz we knew at the end of the day we have fruits to harvest, now tell me what do you harvest in the future? I guess i have said it all and its simply a reminder that you are craving for my attention. This makes my day and simply motivates me.

I remember a good friend told me once that when a person imitates you, its either they want to be you or you have a great tastes for them to crave what you have. Well it explains why there are people who copycats someone because simply your taste gives glows to their eyes. Its enough reason for me to smile. Now i realized i need to be glad that they follow my pick. wink*.I knew no one deserves a strange treat but its simply an awakening call for the person to realize where she really belongs. Dreaming is so different from illusions. Sometimes you have to be knocked off for you to wake up to the real world. Your illusions simply gives you an extreme self confidence that destroys you. Also, there's no harm in being humble and down to earth because most of time people who have such attitudes are those whose wish are granted but for people whose attitude is simply disturbing then i don't think your dreams will lead to somewhere. Have you ever wondered why your dreams haven't came true? Try to ask yourself and assess how your ego and pride has gone so far. God has perfect reasons for allowing things to happen and i certainly believe that God has really marvelous plans.

Well, you do have a great day guys and sorry for some disturbing thoughts. I'm just protecting my territory. I don't think i will let a beast destroy my family that easy and for all the trials that we've went through i don't think we will fall easily.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Web Development Guide

An ordinary web browser may not be as web savvy in terms of technical details compared to a person who is a graduate of a technical course, right? In other words, it needs a training and a formal education before one would learn to create a web project as competitive as those we see in the net. Speaking of web project, like any other online portal any web project entails an eye for details and its very vital that the person doing such venture should be properly aided with programming language like Photoshop, Html and Dreamweaver. Apart from that, as business owner you should be very careful too in choosing a web development company that would cater your web project. Its quite not easy to delegate and trust your business name and reputation to a company you barely know. As they say, first impressions always last so before you ask the help of a web development company better checked their backgroud first before settling with them.

If you are looking for an expert in web development then better carefully examined each company. Have time to get some relevant info especially about satisfied clients. From their, you can ultimatelydecide if they're worth of your trust. Anyway, when you decide for a web project then you will absolutely love picking up or do some brainstorming on the best website design ideas. Well, it needs meticolous planning and picking to come up with the best design. The colors and background is also instrument with the success of your online portal. Secondly, its very important to have a know how on web development process so that you will know some little details about your site. If your company belongs to a medium enterprise then it would be perfect if you could try to pick your desired package at small business web design. The latter has a vast designs intended for a particular type of business.

Indeed, an online resource these days will bring your business to an incredible growth. Just think of the millions of viewers and net surfers everyday. This alone will surely bring significant viewers to your site and ultimately will open up doors for future clients. With this note, its just right to say that choosing a company who could cater your web project is a serious endeavor that needs your thorough and complete supervision. To the start of planning to the launching phase, it needs your hands on attention.

Monday, September 5, 2011

A Expert in Tile Industry

Of course we all want to get a product that is worth of every penny that we pay especially in renovating our house. For some people, they go for canvass first before they buy for the materials needed. Its actually a big help to know which store offers the most affordable and quality products. If you are scouting for the best hardware store that offers an affordable and huge tile selection then better check out They have fantastic designs for Bathroom Tile that you would surely love to have. Get yours now.

On Plagiarism...

Did you know that copying someones thought is a no no? I mean i hope other bloggers or my readers would somehow has a little decency. I mean when you copy someones thought and idea especially verbatim copying is against the code of ethics and a violation of the intellectual property of someone. I don't normally react when i read one or twice of phrases that i knew from my own words but when you copy the idea and phrase then i hope you have a little shame on yourself for doing so. Don't wait for me to post your name and your blog coz im sure you will not be glad of what I'm going to do. A little respect please. If you don't know how to do that stuff then better stop and do things you are capable of than of copying others works. Its such a shame guys. If you don't have any idea about plagiarism issues then better read before its too late coz you might regret the day you read my blog. My blog is a public portal so its open for anybody else both to people who just want to aid themselves with updates from me. But of course you are also subject to certain limitations. Give a little respect to yourself...Shame on you.

Monday Thoughts

The start of the week is fantastic. I had a weekend blast and the shopaholic in me was very delighted because i bought the few stuff that i was eyeing a month ago. Good thing i bought it coz it was the last stock from the row. No wonder the branded (so pricey) bag was salable coz it was so fantastic. Thanks to the hubby for the over pampering me. wink*. I'm craving for an out of town trip. Its been awhile since my last visit to Cebu. Actually, just the other month but i am really on fancy as to the latest fashion trends there. But of course i still few things to prioritize but surely i will have an Iloilo trip before the year closes.

I'm in between some working stuff but i just want to update my online portal so here i am. Anyway, my hubby celebrated his birthday yesterday and i was lucky that i was the first one to greet him. He said he just had a simple dinner with his kids and im glad he did. I missed him now actually. Wondering what he is doing?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Honey

happy Pictures, Images and Photos

I've been thinkin about you lately, thinking how lucky i am to have you as my man. I never cant thank God enough for giving you to my life. You've been an inspiration, a bestfriend, a lover and a confidante who always stood for me especially during life's storms. In your special day hon, allow me to express my love and appreciation for all the great things you've done for us. Indeed, im so much grateful to God for choosing you as the remaining puzzle that completes my life.

Happy Happy Birthday hon, wish you all the best, good health and of course i always wish that you remain as sweet, responsible and loving partner. I love you so much and i am always a proud woman for having you in my life. Mwah!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another Treat...

The hubby is over sweet. Just when i thought i will have good rest over the weekend but the hubby changed my schedule. He decided to treat us over a symptous lunch and treat my nephew to a shopping treat and so as her ever faithful love. Well, as you all knew i love shopping and it ultimately brightens my day whenever i hear of news like that. As expected, i bring my mom and my nephew to the nearest mall and treat them with a great lunch. I also bought few school materials for the little girl. She also enjoyed a kiddie ride as she can't get herself enough of those fun rides. It was a tiring yet an enjoyable weekend. Tomorrow is my love's birthday and hopefully my surprise for him will bring a little pleasure to his heart. He is such a one of a kind partner and as days went by i felt how great it is to be his better half. He pampers a lot and he is super lovable and caring. I cant wait for the day we will be together, gone are the days for illussions and false hope. I knew everybody has fair share of that, in fact some has lots of it, right? But when you really have found a partner who has a word of honor then its a promise that lasts forever. Cheers!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

You're One in a Million

I am just grateful for having a man i could always resort to when im down and when i feel i carry the world. Whenever i need for a rescue he would never say any word but he will just do all means to help me. I couldnt believe i was given by GOD such great man. I cant figure out what i did in this life to deserve him but as i promise to him always, theres no room for infedility and disrespect. I cant promise to be the best woman ever but i will always try to be the girl who deserves your genuine love. I will never get tired of telling the world how great you are and im just lucky to have you. I love you.