Tuesday, May 11, 2010


It seems that the Nationalistas bet Manny Villar has accepted his loss, when he asks for a press conference just an hour ago and anounces that he already accepted his loss and he congratulate Aquino, though the results thats coming out from COMELEC as of this time is still unofficial, he already accepted from the bottom of his heart that the people have spoken as to whom they want for the top position. The rest of the candidate is still on mum and i guess waiting for the final announcement form the body. I admire his courage for coming out from the open and accepted the decision and respect the voice of the people- it simplifies the true quality of a good leader.


The latest on our presidential race, as of this time, COMELEC countdown says that its still AQUINO who is leading the race and followed by ESTRADA and VILLAR and so on. THis count is based on 50 percent turn out of voters from different precincts in the country, while in the presidential race the unexpected turin out goes to the no 1 spot for BINAY then followed by ROXAS and LEGARDA, it seems that the surveys speaks for itself, But sad to the say the consistent survey's leading ROXAS has been on the back of BINAY already which was unexpected. A while ago the COMELEC still adviced the public that its still unofficial and uncanvassed, it means that they still have to double check the back up memory of the respective PCOS from different places to verify the results that was transmitted to the body. More update later......