Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Thoughts

Tomorrow is our fiesta celebration in honor of Assumption of Our Lady. Its quite sad that the great nights has finally ended. IN fact, few hours ago the PASAKA Festival did their festivities. It was well participated by different schools and private institutions. I knew most of the household owners are busy preparing for the fiesta tomorrow and we are not exempted to that fact. We also have our fair share of messy tables and cooking matters but in our case, a friend did all the cooking stuff for us since mother can't attend with all those chores. We have so many visitors at the house and i knew they will be enjoying the fiesta because they are invited by some relatives for dinner and lunch tomorrow. I opt to enjoy the festivities too, i watched few shows at the plaza and some are truly fantastic. No matter how eager i am to watch the nightly entertainment show, i cant because the hubby always called me everynight to check my whereabouts. I value the time that my partner gives to me because i understand our time difference. I dont want to be selfish enough that i would just think of myself more. Isnt it a good news? Im becoming more matured now.

You know what guys, ive found out lately that love indeed gives you a great perspective especially if you are with the right and loving partner. I noticed i became someone that i was not before. I mean, i am sweet to my lovers before but this time i am extra extra sweet which according to him made him so attached to me. But what i love most about him is his honesty. He will always be vocal to whats on his mind and heart regardless if it will bring pain to you. I love the fact that he is like that because it made me know his personality a lot better. I dont think there is a huge difference of loving a local folks and a foreighner because in my personal experience, Don brings something else that other cant. I want him, i loved him for reasons i cant explain. As ive always said, he completes the puzzle in my life.