Monday, May 12, 2008

for my mom: a special tribute for mother's day

i could still remember during my elementary years, it was the first time, the school could ever have a school band, everybody at the class was so excited about it and a lot of my classmates auditioned to be s school band member, of course im not exempted to that, at that time, if you will become a member of the school band, you will surely get popular and you will gain lots of friends. I passed the audition and become one of the minorretes of our school, however when i informed my mom about it, my parents scolded me because the uniform alone is so expensive plus we will shoulder all our instruments so for sure my mom's budget will be at risk. I was so sad at that time that i hate my mom for not allowing me to be a member of our scholl band, i remember i envy my classmates and i admire the mother of my classmate cause they allowed their child to participate in the drum and bugle activities..from that time on, ive asked myself if i was really a true child of my mom (stupid), i even questioned if she really loves me, because i was thinking she wasnt, because if she does she should have allowed me because she knew for a fact that i wanted to be one of that prestegeous organization.
years had passed, i already forgot that incident but i cant help remembering it, when again at my college years they did not buy me a new phone, when in fact my brother had new one, as if i was still a child when i pity myself because they bought a new cellphone for my brother but for myself was the old one of my kuya.,i once asked "am i really a true child?" that was the second time i question the love of my mom for me.
but what i did not knew, all those times when i was insisting to be a band member, when ive thought my mom doesnt love me, at those time when we were at scholl, my mom was selling like a flower pot, looking for buyers just to send us all to school because at that time my father had resigned from his work, i didnt knew much of her sacrifice for us, i didnt knew how she had managed to walked all day in the entire town just to be able to look for buyers for her pot. i didnt knew how she had lots of sunburn because she didnt complain of the heat of the sun, because she worry we might not be able to eat at dinner, i didnt knew too that sometimes she was not feeling well, but she still managed to cook for us, iron our uniform and still we complain because our food was not that delicious.
I should have known, that she was a perfect mom, i should have known that she was completely the mother we all took forgranted, whose smile was ordinary for us but cries behind our back just to get away from our worries. at my 23, seldom i thank her for all her kindness, her care and for her uncondional love., i knew i have hurt her a lot of times, and i wasnt able to say sorry for it.
on your special day mom, allow me to give you a special tribute for the care, the love and for my life, you would always be very special; i may not have said it once but from this day on i would always value you presence; thank you for giving light to the family. i love you always.

a glance at yesterday

Gone are the days were lollipops and dolls are enough to brightens the day, childhood days full of innocense, days free from pains and heartaches, funny how i was so eager to grow and become a lady and experience the mystery of love, however it was just yesterday that ive realized that wounded knees are easy to heal than broken hearts.
I wouldnt be as strong as i am if not of the tragic days that i went thu in my past relationship, at the same time i wouldnt be this happy if i didnt learn to value myself and if i didnt choose to be happy. moving on isnt about stopping to love your ex, its about loving him quietly, sometimes you need to have separate lives for u to grow, because sometimes both parties finds it hard to grow while in each other's arms, and break up means a time for both of u to grow separately, to give each other the freedom to search for all the best in the world, and once you have the best and still choose your partner above anything else, thats would lie the mystery of true love, because its accepting her/ him unconditionally, even if she's the ugliest person in the world.hehehe.
Taken a glance at yesterday doesnt mean i havent learn to move on from my past, rather it shows that i have completely closed all the chapters of that book and i just take some scan of it now because there is no more pain left, im brave enough to read it, to share the lessons before ill keep it for good.