Monday, March 30, 2009


Today is my most irritating day, i did had a bad day. My meeting with our branch head just finished and it was indeed a not so good day for me. All through out the meeting, it had always been my department that was been highlighted. He emphasize how crucial and sensitive my position is espacially that my product is perishable. Didnt he know how hard it is to live a live like this? you cant sleep if theyre not yet through dressing, by tomorrow i have to attend a lot of paper works, invoicing and other etcheteras. I hate my life once more, before i was never bothered by the pressure, it the words that came from their mouth that i hate most. They always belittle me, they always wants to show that theyre the best, thyre the boss and we are just subordinates. I hate the feelin of having self pity cause despite your dedication, your loyalty, this is what ive got, unappreciation. Well, what do i expect? im just a mere employee, i am just nobody, just an ordinary woman working so hard for their gain, heck im being so bad, but i cant help it. Its as if i hate all people..sorry im being so rude..ill sleep now, hoping that this disappointments will be gone..tomorrow will be another day.