Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Happy Ending

Fairy tales do, but my life hasnt, our life do not have always happy ending, farewells normally are painful. Nonetheless, as he bids goodbye i have embraced it as a great beginning, it opens up door for new prospect, it will change things, it will change my dreams and will change my destiny. I have wished to end up with him, yes and i always dream for that, but now that he has found somebody new, it has taught me to accept things and forget the memories. At least, its not yet too late to change things as i wanted, as God wants. At least he was not a father of my children, at least he is not the man i will be commited forever, im glad it has ended. For all the miseries and pain he has brought into my life, im glad God ended it in a manner i havent understand but i have trusted his will. I am glad too that God put someone whom i could lean on when things seems so weary. I am glad he bring into picture someone who was able to fix the little pieces, and hopefully it will be done very soon so that i could give him the key in it. For that someone to trust me for that little love, thank u.