Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Earnings; Sites That Paid Me

A flashback of my 2010 earnings is quite good. In fact i already made a post in my other blog about this stuff. The sites that paid good to me and those sites that are really trusted and credible. If you are a newbie out there, this is a great post im sure that will guide you.

2010 Meme

2010 brings different luck to each one of us. This year may be a lucky year to some while for others where the not so good year. So far, i couldnt categorized my experience and journey for this years as to where it belongs coz i always believe that experience is the best teacher. Maybe i i could put it somewhere in between nevertheless it brings a new horizon in my life that im grateful about. There are lots of things and experience to thank about this year, there are those that made me feel in heaven, as if im the luckiest girl on earth and there are few moments that i had a sleepless nights. I also have my own share of laughter, heartaches and some to mention crying moments,I guess it will always be present to any life. As they all says, they are the spices of life. This year too marks some changes in my family's life so to speak with my other siblings. My younger brother just finished his degree and my mother won the Barangay election which was held last October. But before the year ends, our luck still surprises us, my brother was promoted as District Manager in cebu. While in my case, i worked in cebu and had established my life there.
2010 will closed its door for the remaining hours to come. I hope as we bid goodbye to this year, the experiences that we have shared and experienced may not bring bitter yesterdays but i hope it will still remind us of the teachings and lessons that it brought into our life. Welcome 2011 and i hope your bring much more luck for me, for my immediete family and to everybody else.