Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Domain and a Webhost Provider

Recently i am looking for a Webhost provider because i wanted to have my blog self hosted. I now realize the importance of having your blog hosted and of course with an own domain name. Before, i often wondered why my blogger friends look for a webhost company, but after few years of blogging i can now see a clearer picture of its benefits and advantages. Anyway, as of this time i am still undecided which one to avail of, my friend recommended me to hostmonster and my other friend wanted me to try at go daddy.com. I wish someone can enlighten me which is the best as far as their experience with them are concerned. I heard a lot about godaddy.com but im afraid that it might be something too technical for me that i cant do it successfully. I wish you could help me out guys to choose the best provider for me.