Wednesday, April 9, 2008

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cupid says "bring back my heart"

a head tuner, an every woman's dream..hehehe

he's absolutely so goodlooking, a man's goddess, but definitely i really admire his looks and the way he projects himself.hes really a hunk..i just love his photo, especially his smile,i am really his big fan..

a bad day

it was really not quite a good morning for me considering that i had a petty arguments with my office mate,it turns out bad since he was in a bad mood too.
honestly, i am that understanding but when it is already beyond my control and i am also hurt, i canmt help but just cry and have pity for myself..but nevertheless this is what life is.
its not a bundle of rose nor a path of pure joy and happiness, there are also stones and thorns along the way,,its a matter of being careful, being understanding and considering other feelings too that will help us be a good person as what all we've wanted, anyway.