Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hello guys, im proud to share that i have my wordpress blog, amazing.I really dont know how to make such blog but i really just did myself, hope its worth all the effort..Ill make some update soon. Heres the link

I named it "The Best of Me"

Please leave me any suggestions or comment or violent reactions if any so as to improve my sites.


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Does He Love You?

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To honey pie, Belated Happy Fathers Day and i love u so much and youre always in my heart, still and will always be!


Heres another exciting way to earn guys, i found out about this site through a friend and i registered immediately, true indeed its fun, less hassle and lots of opportunity. Ive heard a lot from bloggers about this but just did not have enough time to register but now i am so proud to share on you guys that im a mylot member, im happy to be one and excited to earn more and more here. Common friends, join me here.


Today's hard times, ill be hypocrite if ill not admit that i need extra cash, coz of lots of things that need to be paid and buy. But if given the chance to win $100? ill surely set aside the amount for a gift to my dad, because i was not able to give him any on his birthday and last Sunday's Father's day, i knew he wanted to see me but then i was not able to go home and if ill have that amount, ill buy a signature clothes for my dad and a watch too coz he wants to won one. To make the gift more special, i will include a card in it with a very special message, im sure he will be very happy on that. Wish i could have that extra molah.


Blog promos and contests are everywhere and blogger s are really hooked into contests already coz aside from it gave us the chance to win instant prices it also creates an avenue for us to acquire more friends and create traffic as well. Before i never had passion in joining contests but after i won on one of the blog promos Ive joined, i became addicted already in joining contests online. And to those of my friends who want to try their luck, start here. Levy's Blog is presently having his blog contest as a way of thanksgiving for all the blessings that she received and at the same time its also her way of giving back to all of her followers and future followers. Details are highlighted below:


1st Prize: $100

2nd Prize: $30

3rd Prize: $20

4th & 5th Prize: $10 each

Consolation Prize: $5 plus AD SPACES will be raffled to 5 people
also the first 5 people to blog about this contest will automatically get $3 each.
UPDATE: the early bird slots were already taken, check the list of winners here

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WEll theres no harm in trying, common guys have fun and who knows you might be luck.