Friday, July 13, 2012

Don't Measure the Distance

"True love doesn’t mean being inseparable; it means being separated and nothing changes"

A lot of things had been said about long distance relationship and always its the pain of being separated and unable to see his face when you wake up each morning that become a struggle to every partner. There are formulas out there that works but still its in each couple's persistence and understanding that counts much in the end. Like ours, its always a struggle each passing day to live like even your partner is apart. Whenever special occasions are celebrated you have to bear the pain of celebrating it with a happy heart even if you long for him that much. But then, its such a courageous act being able to surpass it with a firm commitment and loyalty. In fact, i still believe that being loyal to your partner is an individual's choice. I've known few couples who haven't' able to survive the tests and end up separated. I don't think each of one of them has valid reasons, i more want to view it as failure to survive with the test of commitment. You see guys, love doesn't promise a bed of roses all the time, thorns are everywhere.

Every couple should know how to endure pain, survived even with hardest obstacles and of course should also make the flame burning no matter how aged your relationship is. I remember a love problem i was listening to last night. It talks about infidelity and she was dealing with a common relationship tests of moving on despite her knowing of his husband love affair. I understand how the woman felt at that time. She confessed she was nagging at her husband whenever the latter will take some vacation. It was not an easy tests for them yet i admire her courage to really battle for their couple-some. Accepting your husband despite what had happened is not just a decision that involves an easy nod, its a heart matter that takes a crying moments and a lot of understanding. Yet, the long distance love affair survived because they choose to. She accepted her partner and understands more than choosing to be understood by him. It was such a brave move and now that her husband is sailing, she can;t guarantee that it wouldn't happen again yet she caps her story by telling her listeners that she would be willing to give her another chance, a dozen of chance if it needs one. How she managed to do that, she loves him and her love can do even the impossible.

It was so inspiring and the story of long distance love affair is always a tale of bravery and a lot of patience most of the time. Yet, its such great to retell it with a happy heart especially if you survived a love battle. Like them: