Friday, October 14, 2011

Giant Sale!!

My sister told me last night that the nearest mall in town will have their giant sale. Hmmm, ive been eyeing a nice pants at that mall. Its quite pricey so the first time i saw the pants, i opt to just satisfy my eye instead. But today, i was able to buy it at a discounted price and i feel delighted for just have waited. Im grateful that i have an understanding and lovable man that pampers me a lot. Well, shopping is fun but i knew my limitations. Just now, i feel so great for buying a nice stuff. Anyway, its friday again and what does this day means? Payday!!!!!..Yepey.

As for me, i dont have plans in going out tomorrow. Ive been tired of going to downtown the entire week. I opt to stay because i have some meet ups by sunday. I love you God. Thanks for making my life extra wonderful.wink!