Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pocket Change : Editor's Pick

I started blogging four years ago with no concrete plans and directions. I was just excited sharing my everyday thoughts. To have an online diary is just my end goal and monetizing it probably was just secondary. I already heard about few people earning their living through blogging. And when i first heard about them doing the thing online, i was honestly amazed. I couldn't believe we can earn bucks just by typing and sharing non sense posts. When my time came, i was slowly impressed by the passive income i was receiving then but few months more and the craft became addictive, i realized i wanted this field and embark more.

The struggle years was really not easy. I could still vividly remember my first year in blogging, I asked a lot and read a lot. I never had any background about coding nor basic tutorials from bloggers. I just trust my instinct most of the time. Going back, i could say i have triumphantly surpassed the novice part and yes im still struggling but i'm better than before. Yes, i do already received great pay in exchange for sponsored reviews, goodies from kind advertisers and appreciation from nice circle of blogger friends.

Thus, today i will be talking about my recent award from a blogging network, This site is an editor's pick of Pocket Change.They're a shopping blog directory. An online resource for all your fashion needs and more. Since this site more or less patronize fashion and beauty posts then it became one of their pick nonetheless other factors contributory for being an editor's pick are as follows:

This award is presented to blogs that we find exceptional and outstanding. Blogs that have a high amount of followers, have quality content, and are fun and enjoyable for readers. You have far exceeded these guidelines which is exactly why we would like to present our Editor's Pick Award to you.

So, To Pocket Change staff and administration, a big thanks for this award:

Pocket Change's Editor's Pick!
Pocket Change