Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wireless Backhaul

This time around i will be talking facts on technological advancement. So much about Home and Living and about other stuff. I bet it feels good having had an own portal, I mean having your own site makes you do things on your own, share thoughts, air out some nonsense rants and everything in between. All these becomes possible because of the wonders of internet. I guess all of the things you need to search can be found on the search engines, of course there are those that you think are colloquial words which are not updated on any of the online resources cant br processed. In any case, almost everything is searchable using this medium.

To have an internet at home, you need to have some broadband or a wireless medium. A wireless solution is quite a good option since you are not attached to the wires and connecting to the internet is quite easy. There are different broadband company in the place and most of them promise for a great service. I guess most of the service company promise for that, right? BUt it can always be tested when you avail of the service and have them checked your connection and when the time they dont respond to your call then its where reality check counts. Anyway, my recent find is about a wireless network solutions. The company is called Winncom Technologies.They dont just promise clients but they do have tried and true technologies which offers the best on network solutions. They have wireless point to point and wireless backhaul which addresses issues on wireless solutions. Check out too ptmp to know more on the significance and advantage of having a wireless broadband.Check out their online resources to know more about their program, portfolio and other featured products.Its a great find these Holiday.

On Reclaimed Wood Furniture


An officemate just purchased a new living furniture set. It was stylish and embrace modern taste. Its just made up of wood yet it doesnt looks like an old school living room furniture. I bet they are one of the collections on reclaimed wood furniture. I kinda liked the way they are curved perfectly and was added a little touch of sophistication. With this, i remember an aunt who once shared about there recent additions at their house. They have these old tree at the back of their house. A man who happened to be their neighbor told her that the tree is a perfect wood for a furniture set. Since, she finds the present living furniture quite easy to damage and not that sturdy, so she decided to design her own living room furniture using the log materials of the tree. I forgot to ask whats the name of that tree but i remembered her telling me that its one of the most sought after tree in the place.

When i visited their house, i was amazed of the outcome. It was indeed fantastic and the man who did the thing is quite an expert on furniture making. I hope i can let him do something about distressed furniture or make a farmhouse table for home usage. Sometimes, it pays to be resourceful. It does not only gives you so much savings but at the same time polish the artictic side on you. Nevertheless, i figured wood can never be outdated on style. Up until now, its still the most sturdy piece of craft that most of us prefer to pick than the modern kind of furniture set. So folks, if you are planning to get a new living or dining room furniture then why dont you pick a reclaimed timber furniture. It says something else. Give it a try.

Christmas Preparations

Just done taking my lunch. Quite late, right? well i just had a blogging mojo so i just took advantage of it. Im watching a Hollywood film while tying this poost and im kinda smiling while having a great time over this film. The nephew sat beside me and she's talking a lot of stuff..The brother with some friends are having some drinking session while my mom is resting. Im still thinking if im going to attend the early mass tomorrow or just attend the 10 am mass. Anyway, im very sure the entire family will attend mass together.

Low Carb Bread for your Diet


I will be talking about diet again. While fixing up myself to go somewhere else, the sister suddenly entered my room and lay comfortably at my bed. I was just half naked so she teased me that i am gaining these days. Woot, i wanted to tell her that im not going to give her present but then i knew for a fact that she was telling the truth. I can see few belly that is slowly bulging whenever i wear a tight pants. I cant believe that i am having a body like i used to have before. I was successful in shedding off some weights before and i wanted to try the technique again but what keeps me hanging is the fact that i cant discipline myself from eating junk foods. Ohh, i love to eat my favorite Cheese Curls, ice cream and Chocolates. I picked few sweets whenever im doing my grocery and who cant help from picking those stuff?

Anyway, the sister advised me to eat low carb bread instead of eating the staple food. I mean i knew for a fact that rice is rich in sugar and possess high carbs. Thats why diabetic patients are restricted from eating rice and had substitute instead. This holiday, i decided to check out low carb bread and low carb snacks at the mall. I knew there are snacks like that. If not, you can just see the nutitional label at the back to kee you guided of the nutritional benefits you got at each serving, Its important to keep our body at the right shape not for any reason but for our own health benefit. Dont just lose weight because you want to look good on that dress instead do it because you feel you need to do it. Dont also do some diet for someone else because it feels good if you do the diet trick for your own good not for the sake of someobody else.

Gymnastic Equipment For Less


It has been a wish ever since to lose weight. Well, ive been so skinny before but when i started working, my weight seems to add too in figure every year. I used to enjoy wearing great office attires because i can choose whatever styles and color available at the mall. My sizes of choice ranges from large to extra large but now i seldom see a size that perfectly fits me. The advantage of having an upsized size is you get to see limited options for your body. The usual sizes would not fit within your size range resorting to a more difficult scout for your clothing needs. But of course its not yet too late. I knew few people who have shed out few kilos in just a matter of weeks. I knew they had put too much discipline in their food intake and even to their physical exercise. I have tried going to the gym and enrolled myself for about a month. I hired for a gym instructor and religiously attend to my sessions but because of work calls and i decided to quit because i cant anymore attend to it especially during unscheduled meetings.

It would had been great if one has gymnastic equipment at their home. I mean its pretty easy to do your physical fitness routines if your gymnastics equipment is just right at the corner. You can have flexibility in doing some trainings and anytime of the day you can do it especially if youre in the mood. A friend inquire me once how much it costs her if she buys a horizontal bars. Since i dont have any idea about such equipment i advised her to visit some online resources for a quick find. He phone me last night that she saw a marvelous finds and she told me that she found her perfect partner at Well, i wouldnt be surprise if she buys it the soonest.

Merry Chritsmas

Before the line gets busy, i wanna extend my Christmas Greetings to one and all. I knew you're all busy preparing for laters NOche Buena and before ill be hit by some errands. I will post this greetings. It would have been fun if some friends would drop by. Will do some blog hopping later to share some christmas greetings. For now, my wish for a blessed day and enjoy the holiday.

Shop for Peaches Dresses


Ive known the nurses with their white uniforms, dont we? Its easy to distinguish if the person is from the medical field because normally their white uniform is far distinguishable. Wow, id love to wear that suits ever since i was a kid. Our neighbor back on our old house is a nurse. When she passed by at our house, my neck would be stretched just to see her suits. I love seeing her while walking. Its as if she is the most beautiful professional ive ever seen. Anyway, becoming a nurse nor any medical profession is not easy as what we've thought. We should be ready financially and emotionally. The tedious work environment and the ever rising tution should always be considered beforehand.

Hence, if you are already a nurse, or a medical technologist perhaps then i bet you already have few collections of your working suits. How is that? Did you just buy it somewhere or your company provided it for you? Is it stylish? Well, i have some good news for you, if you are in a look out for nurses scrubs or Peaches Dresses then visit The site offers wonderful styles of scrubs that will amazed you. Im sure you couldnt help but order one of those scrubs i saw. Its classy, stylish and the colors are amazing. You could also find fabulous Peaches scrubs at an affordable price. Another great treat, they have sale right now until supply last so what are you waiting for, grab your own scrubs now.

If you havent made up your mind yet what suits to get then i can suggest one. I found this Savannah Top which is made up of tranquility fabric. It has patch pockets and elastic shirring at the shoulders. Its size ranged from Extra Small to 2 XL.

Perfect Military Backpacks for Deployment


We were at the jeep with my sister when this guy smiled at us. I asked her if she knows her and she said no, she dont even remember being acquinted with him. I began to recall if there are instances where i was introduced to this guy and honestly, i cant remember any. This guy is from the Army forces if we are not mistaken. He wears a military backpacks and he carried on his arm a multicam gear. He is very snoppy and i can sense a disciplined body while letting my eyes rolled over the entirety of him. Well, its not what you think guys, i dont have hidden agenda on him nor im interested in making friends with him. Its just that sometimes this curiousity of ours urged us to give some multiple eyes on the subject. In some ways, i am also curious how the military behave and how do they socialize. Yes, most of the time they are on their camp and their world revolves on their guns and duty gear. I wish i could just asked him if we could buy multicam uniforms and how is that possible. Im thinking that this a great gift find for my godchildren whose father is a military officer. They told me once that this little bundle of joy is fond of wearing his father suits and he loves to wear the boots too no matter how dirty it was. Well,the incident about the military man gave me an idea what to buy next year. Isnt it a blessing in disguise? With so many stuff to choose from its kinda hard to get a perfect gift for your loved ones. At least, when you plan about the things you wish to give as present would save you from spending long hours scouting for gift finds, right?

Why You Should Buy a Single Board Computer

Yesterday, a technician contacted me if i wanted to avail of his service. I need to put some hardware stuff for the netbook and since i cant avail of the warranty because i purchased it online, i was kinda hesitant if im going to let him touch my stuff. This guy was recommended by a former officemate and she told me good words about the latter. My apple netbook is courtesy of the hubby. It was infected by a virus in one of my browsing moments and since it doesnt have a virus protection software i end up going to Cebu to have it checked. Since, i got tired of going every now and then for its check up i decided to look for a technician somewhere. The last guy i talked with is not familiar with apple's hardware so i was kinda frustrated having it touched by just any man.

Anyway, a friend told me that a desktop would be a good buy just in case. Well, cant have it now coz i got already my Christmas present and im sure its kinda awful to ask the hubby to buy me a single board computer  this time. I really wish he could read this because im sure if he knew what happened to the netbook he will surely fret out. Hence, a single board computer is a great buy this holiday. Its actually a reliable solutions for al the harsh applications nowadays. For people who needs something for super fast system and customization then check out single board computers to help you with your daily tasks. This new periphereal is such a good investment addressing issues of modern living and browsing.

The company that caters for system partners and distrubution is no other than Fastwell. Its the leading company in developing and manufacturing single board computers. Aside from the latter, they also offers a plethora of OEM and ODM services. Fastwell, indeed creates the future.

Super Loaded

I am super busy online and offline and just thinking of the stuff i need to finish makes my butt lazy to move. I was given a dozens of tasks to do online and need to shop more for additional gifts later. On the happy note, my brother has finally arrived and we were surprised for his unexpected arrival. We thought he would arrived on the 25th but we found out that he tricked us so that we will be surprised. He bought us few things as presents and im glad he did because my long wish stuff has been granted. Anyway, gew hours more to go and Christmas Day will soon paint the town with red. Are yo excited for friends visit? Well, let me just greet you a Merry Christmas before things will be busy later.