Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Wednesday

Time for an update i guess, though im a bit sleepy but i need to do some updates here, its a sunny Wednesday here not unlike yesterday that its really raining so hard. Its already my Birthday tomorrow and im turning 25, ohh what an age,hehehhe. But still no plans for tomorrow cos im planning to have my celebration on Saturday, tomorrow is a busy day for everybody of us and some of my closest friends are still not here, im planning to make a fruit salad cos Im already craving for it, but i don't like to use the canned cocktails, when we attended the party at my aunts place, they have a delicious fruit salad and its made of real fruits, there's bananas and all those stuff, its really so yummy, anyway i don't have to prepare for many coz its just a simple celebration for a few people. I am actually planning to go home to my place but i regret that i cannot do it now cos im still waiting for a very important thing here and im thinking that maybe if i go home and the call came i would have hard time trying to go back here so instead ill reserve it for October or if not maybe the soonest possible time as long as i have an available time.