Monday, May 28, 2012

Another Site to Launch

..Soon...I just bought a prime domain and will be processing a webhost service, so please bear with me guys as i am few steps away in fulfilling another goal for this year. I always fancy for a prime domain due to its marketable value and now that ive got the chance, i immediately bought it with another free domain. So, ill be launching a new site soon and another one next month. Its such a tough idea but then im aiming for something else and i am targetting more molah in my account - greedy me. (wink*)

So, im happy that at last i fulfilled another resolution in the midst of this year. Actually, i am already working on its content and with my advertisers at bay im sure i can make this new blog a successful one like my first niche. Kudon to me!!!!

So, May had been a productive month for me. I just want to thank the Divine Provider for all these blessings.