Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Latest Share

As promised, here's a quick share with my Nanay's Birthday. 

Nanay and Tatay together for almost 30 years.

Im On Oats Now...

My grocery lists at present always includes few flavors of quacker oats. I also am buying oats cookies which is a good alternative than buying junk foods. So far, i have no complain with eating oats alone for dinner and i am really wanting to shed off fats before the big day. Today, i decided to buy a a liter of fresh milk so that my appetite would not suffer and in fairness, i love drinking the latter even at the middle of the night. Drinking such nutricious drink also boosts your digestive system making you so comfy and feeling good inside.I hope i could survive with the oats in few more days. Ohh well, its just few days now that i discover about the great and improved flavors of oats. I am now enjoying a serving of apple mixed with nuts and i also have banana, chocolate and strawberry flavor, Try it guys, for a change.

On Luxury Bedding..

How many times did you dream of a luxurious vacation? I bet its more than once, right? You want to experience a different ambiance, taste the place delicacy and sleep at a comfy and great mattress. Pardon me guys but thats actually one of the main reason why i love to check in at some hotels. I fancy of their great bed and shower at their fantastic private rooms. I am just grateful i was able to experience to be a traveler once in my life. There are times that i will be at the nearest big city and then went back at that same day while there couple of times where i was allowed to take a one night sleep at any of the hotel accredited to the company. If the set up is an overnight stay, my smile is from ear to ear because i would surely sleep in a super comfy bed using the most contemporary designs and arts in bed decorations. I often wondered how they were able to get such unique and amazing designs.

If i am just well off, i would love to have a luxury bedding. I want to experience and elevate my bedroom ideas using the finest materials available. I heard about the quality and amazing designs from Versai-La and i would love to try it the soonest. Ive heard from a friend that they have a plethora of fantastic selections from bedsheet, bed covers, luxury linens, comforters, pillow and a lot more. So if you are scouting for your bedroom needs then check out their online resources now.

Joyous and Blessed

Its another great day for me. I have so many reasons to be thankful of a blessed life. BUt of course, i want to have a special mention to my love for making my journey as blessed and as great as it is now. I was at the nearest mall the entire day. I bought few stuff for me and for my sister. I met a friend and she was also buying a new bag and its really fun meeting some past acquintances. Im thankful i was able to provide little things for my sister since she will be leaving this saturday already. I will surely miss her but again im just giving myself a little alleviation. I mean id like to think that this will just be for few months and that next year we will have a certified public accountant. Crossing our finger. Please pray for her and for all her endeavor.