Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Honey is Worried..

I mentioned the other day that i was hit by my UTI and it really gave me a sleepless nights. Nevertheless, whatever sickness you faced on when you have someone to lean on and a lover who will comfort you then basically its nothing. I was flattered the way my honey is worried last night. He kept on calling me telling to go to the hospital which at that time was about 11 pm at my time. I cant help but smile when he told he he was worried and my heart melt big time when he told asked me to promise that i will take good care of myself, no matter what. I never had a partner who is as sweet and as caring as him. So far im feeling better now and thanks to my hubby for the pamper and for taking in charge of my medical expense. Im really blessed to have a loving partner as my honey. I love you. I really cant wait to be with you and i knew in few months we will no longer talk by phone but hopefully share a bed and an unending stories.

Have you Checked Out Book Summary?

A great author once said, "today a reader tomorrow a leader". Isnt it a great motivation to start a habit of reading? Anyways, when i was still young i really hate getting my books and even just a glimpse of them ruins my day. The reason is that, my father always reminds us to establish a habit of few hours reviewing our lessons. Since the bratty girl is really hard headed, i usually left my books at school so that my father cant check the bools on my bag. Nevertheless, those childish things are just few of the bratty stuff that i did but consequently gave me a good lesson.

First off,a habit of reading can't be established easily because it needs a passion from the person. For instance, try reading a novel and if you really dont like it or if you dont have a habit of reading such stuff then im sure after few minutes you will really give up,right? I realized too that once a person is fond of reading even just magazines or whatever that stuff then basically your reading habit will soon be developed.

These days where i can spend few private hours, my constant friends are books and fashion mags. Nonetheless, i am also fond of checking out book summaries especially those about literature and history. A friend introduced me to book summaries and when i started checking out such kind, i immediately felt in love. So for bookworms out there. try to scout some great Book summary portal for you to enjoy your reading experience.

Experience a Power of Choice

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