Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Blues

Monday should be the start of a work day. But that isnt the case for me. Im still left out because i am still not kinda feeling good. Good thing i have a very understanding boss. Though i need to rest for a while but i couldnt because my mind is pretty occupied with a lot of stuff. Did i tell you that my boyfriend called me up a while ago and as usual he just checked out if im doing okey already, i knew he was also stressed on the past few days because of me. But, im really happy that he didnt leave while i was so sick. When i needed him to call, he will do so in just a single text. What more can i ask for?

I terribly missed him, especially these days that i feel so blue. I wish he is here. I wish i could have someone to talk to. But really, i am happy with our present state, a stronger relationship, a more solid foundation. He will be coming real soon but theres no definite date yet but i wish its few months from now, few days from now and if only its possible, i wish its tomorrow.Yay, a really hopeful heart. Thank you hon for everything, for making out the best of my life.