Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Alertpay; Proud to have One

I decided to have another account apart from paypal and now i have my alrtpay account coz some money making sites doesnt pay to paypal but no option than at alertpay, i am amazed that its so much easier here to be verified. I love to have my alertpay account, common have one.

To The One Person - I Call Mine

.... you have made me the person i am today
.... you never fails to understands me despite and inspite of.
..... you always makes me smile even if i carry the whole world
.....more than anything else you have loved me with no conditions
for who i am and for who im not
I may have wondered once why the world if full of broken hearts
I was once a member of and i almost quit..
BUt you came at the very moment i needed someone to fill in the emptiness
Your coming into my life might just be an ordinary day for you
But for me its the day i find a soulmate ive been longing for
It may not be always a relationship full of joys and happiness
It may not always be a road where everyone dreams of
Or the road to a happy ending
Coz my happy ending is having you in my life
I wanted to think that its forever, coz forever isnt just a word
but a destination
I said once " Someday someone will gonna love me like i always wanted to be love"
And that someday is today and the day i have met you.
.....if i wanted so much to be with the wrong person
how great it will be when the right one comes along,

Happy Birthday Mama Mary

September 8 marks the birthday of our beloved mama Mary according to our Christian faith. Today we celebrates her special day but above all its a commemoration of her sacredness and i believe its about her being a great woman. Really, mama Mary became my personal saint as a woman and as a lady who strives for happiness all the time. I always pray for her guidance cos as a woman too we all want to be guided by her divine intervention, in all things that i do i always pray for her so that i may be going to the right road. To you Mama Mary - Happy Birthday.

What Happens

I am just a bit pissed, i just made some updates a minute ago then when i clicked the publish button, it hanged to my dismay it was not saved to draft. Anyway, i just arrived here from Mabolo and its quite hot, i am still looking for a good food to eat. i might consider eating just a bread or anything that i might crave.