Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just For Kitten Care

As I am typing this post, I remember a friend who makes fun of my name. She would oftentimes called me "little kitten" because my name incorporates a shortcut to cats. Until this very day, whenever we meet anywhere she will give me a warm smile and tease me like back in those old days. I remember asking my mom if she loved cats, and she said she's not even an animal lover! To make a long story short, my name has nothing to do with cats.

Now, my best friend is very different from me. where I'm not keen on keeping those domestic pets, she on the other hand is a big fan of cats! She loves collecting and buying cats whenever she has time. She lives alone in her place, so those little kittens are her comforters and friends. Whenever I pay her a visit, I normally see some of them having fun playing around together, while others are beneath the living room sofa sleeping.

In all fairness, my friend takes great care of them. She personally grooms them, trims their nails and even puts some accessories on them if time permits. She really loves them so much, that there was a point where she attended a seminar on kitten care. I don't know how much it costs her to have them, but just the thought that she really has to divide her time between work stuff and her little "friends" says something else. How lucky indeed her pets are for having a great caregiver. Not everyone has a heart for animals.

Indeed. We just have different passions in life and if I was in her shoes, then maybe I would do the same perhaps. It's just that, I'm not that keen on pets, and my hobbies are more in the areas of reading and writing. So, what's your passion?