Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Its just few more hours to go and we will be welcoming the new year. So before the line gets busy and before we get busy of our respective activities and New Year's stuff, allow me to greet you all guys a happy new year to all of you, i do hope that you have a merry celebration, you have your family with you and above anything else, i do hope that you are happy as of the moment and may the celebration bring goodness and joy to our hearts.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Earnings; Sites That Paid Me

A flashback of my 2010 earnings is quite good. In fact i already made a post in my other blog about this stuff. The sites that paid good to me and those sites that are really trusted and credible. If you are a newbie out there, this is a great post im sure that will guide you.

2010 Meme

2010 brings different luck to each one of us. This year may be a lucky year to some while for others where the not so good year. So far, i couldnt categorized my experience and journey for this years as to where it belongs coz i always believe that experience is the best teacher. Maybe i i could put it somewhere in between nevertheless it brings a new horizon in my life that im grateful about. There are lots of things and experience to thank about this year, there are those that made me feel in heaven, as if im the luckiest girl on earth and there are few moments that i had a sleepless nights. I also have my own share of laughter, heartaches and some to mention crying moments,I guess it will always be present to any life. As they all says, they are the spices of life. This year too marks some changes in my family's life so to speak with my other siblings. My younger brother just finished his degree and my mother won the Barangay election which was held last October. But before the year ends, our luck still surprises us, my brother was promoted as District Manager in cebu. While in my case, i worked in cebu and had established my life there.
2010 will closed its door for the remaining hours to come. I hope as we bid goodbye to this year, the experiences that we have shared and experienced may not bring bitter yesterdays but i hope it will still remind us of the teachings and lessons that it brought into our life. Welcome 2011 and i hope your bring much more luck for me, for my immediete family and to everybody else.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


My brain is already tired, been doing lots of article writing lately and makes my brain haned up. But im so happy for all the chances and opportunity that was given to me. This has been a great year for me as far as my online earnings are concerned. Thank you God and To God be the Glory always. Goodnight guys, am actually not feeling well but i need to finish those stuff. Now that im done, my mind will be rested.Mwah

Im Afraid Of Commitment?

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Late Christmas Shopping

My legs are so tired now, we had been at the mall for the entire day. We shop for clothes and additional groceries for the snacks tomorrow. we had a hard time choosing a dress for my mom but luckily we were able to choose one. I met my former boardmate before and we had a great time sharing each other stories. Im quite sad when she told me that her mom died recently. I was also sad because her mom was so closed to me but the good news is that she is already married and her husband is here now for a vacation. Another great story to share, we also met with my bestfriend at the mall, I was busy looking for a dress when she approached me, i was surprised to see her at my back. She was a really good friend way back in my high school years and im happy that we exchange numbers after i lost her number when my phone was robbed. I certainly feel awful because despite the hardships and crises the country is facing, still a lot of people are shopping to the fullest as if theres no tomorrow when they shop. Nevertheless, in the spirit of Christmas, i wanna greet you all..Merry Christmas guys.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Greetings

Before i became busy with our home stuff preparing for the noche buena, allow me to greet you all guys an advance Merry Christmas.Its been a great year for me and im always grateful for all the blessings i received for the entire year.Most especially allow me to thank our DivineProvider for giving me a life that is great. Its been a long year for me yet i am always thankful for everything that he has done for me and for my family. I wish that you too would have a merry celebration and that most of all i always wish for all the best in the family.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Good Morning

Morning guys, how you all doing? i do hope u have a great day. I slept late last night so i woke up late too. Anyway, I just watched showtime yesterday and was surprised to see Ms. Kris Aquino to be the guest judge. I love also the fact that most of the contenders are having a Christmas theme which are likely great.I do hope to catch today's episode.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mani and Pedi Stuff

Today is salon day, ive decided to bring the kid to the parlor for a haircut. She has a great hair thats why im careful not to ruin her hair. I wanted to give her a short hair so that she would feel comfy about it. On the lighter note, i am happy that we were given havainas by my brother as her Christmas present to us, from my mom to our younger sister. grateful that we had a sweet brother and happy that he is always there for us. Before going to the parlor, we dropped by first at the cafe coz the churva wanted to see the kid first. still have few minutes before he'll show up.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Louis Vuitton Giveaway

This is the most extravagant giveaways ive joined and since i super dreamed this bag, here i am joining this amazing and fantastic giveaway.DSK Jewelry Co. giving out this awesome bag as part of their Christmas giveaways.
You can check the details of this promotion in this site:

Christmas Giveaways

Christmas isnt just a time for giftgiving but for contests and giveaways too. We all knew that this is the best time to conduct blog promotions in time for the Christmas season. Speaking of giveaways, So Chic Bag Boutique is conducting its pre opening contest:
The Giveaways:
- 2 Gift Cards
- $20 paypal cash
- and there will be 3 winners for the said contest.
Mechanics and other quieries are available here

Ive learned

....that people are cruel and so as the society we are living with. Nonetheless i always realize that before we ask for understanding,try to understood always. I knew its so hard always especially when criticisms came. We all faced personal crises, whether its about our career, personal or even about our respective family but whatever it may be, one thing that i always realize is to always make our feet on the ground. Coz the more people are pretending to be on top and is boosted with their ego, the more that people will wish for your down.I realized too that God has its own way to making people feel whatever they do unto others - that God is magnificient in its own way. The person you hurt may not go in his own terms for revenge but always and almost God will always do his ways to make you learn of the not so good things you've done to others. Lastly, i came into realization that there are things we may question at first for coming into our life but at the end of the day youll be flattered of how God planned your story for an ending far better than you thought to be. Its great to be just a faithful follower and a good servant always. YOu may not be rewarded by the things you dreamed of but you will be given of things far from what youre dreamin of. Praise God always.

Dashing Day

Today is the Christmas Party of my mom's organization, it was quite a busy day for us yesterday. We prepared their foods and plenty of giveaways were prepared for the members. We were thankful that it was well participated. Today we just stayed at home, enjoying the cold breeze and at the same doing movie marathons. I decided to make a fruit salad for home consumption. My friend texted me to go to their house but a bit lazy to go out. Well., this is the best Christmas ever and i am thankful for everything that came on my way this year.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Mojo

Indeed,. Christmas is already in the air, the cold breeze is very evident and Christmas shoppers are amazing especially when you see them at malls. I was at the bearby mall the other day, i bought my favorite mag and a dress and we watch movie with my sister. We are supposed to meet up today with my former classmates but decided to just postponed it to the other day because of individual scheds.,This Christmas brings great things for me and i love it. I wish just to have a continous poured of blessings to my family and just love and peace.To my friends, i wish them the best in life next year while to people who doesnt like me that much, i just wish a change of heart for u and for me too.Smile and just love love love.

Spend Your Holiday At Parks

Few days more to go before Christmas and im sure a lot of people are now busy buying gifts and some are just hecticc on their respective Christmas parties schedule. I knew this season is the best time of the year cause aside from the time to share and receive gifts as well, its also the best time to plan for getaways and holidays vacations especially to those people who had been busy in the entire year. This is also the perfect time to bod with yoru family especially if you have kids at home. Gifts are considerably great and will surely brings smile to children but none can superscedes the enjoyment of the smaller children when it come to getaways and vacations like going to beach or spending time at parks. Speaking of parks, this holiday season some well known parks has different treats for us. They offer extravagant camping in family parks and affordable Family Holiday Hoseasons especially packaged for the holiday. Its time to enjoy the season at caravan parks and feel the spirit of family bonding at an affordable family holiday.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


There are countless times where i am insensitive as a person, admittedly ive never been a perfect lover so as a perfect girlfriend, but i always try to be one always and almost. For my entire existence, there is just one man i can say that ive loved so much with all my heart and who was able to let me experienced unconditional love which up to now still holds my heart. No one can ever imagined a relationship that just started in the net and had blossomed and nourished more than any relationship at the real world. Ours was a long distance love affair but has indeed brought our life considerable change to each one of us. His coming has brought a different fulfillment that is not worth of any bargain. Our relationship was a product of a test of time and painful mishaps. As he once quote " Never mind the past...What guarantee is it will not happen again and maybe more more times..coz your man is very tolerant...and he will never do anything to hurt you..coz he really loves you.." Simplier said, but he is indeed true, he is a tolerant lover, he always tolerates my childish acts and consecutively explains to me what is right and never do again the wrong. None can superscedes how much i am grateful, i was grateful that our roads has crossed. Over and over again, i will never get tired of shouting to the whole world, that i love you my man.

An Internet Marketing Specialist

An internet marketing specialist is by way the key for the success of any business in as far as promotion in the worldwideweb is concerned. I knew a lot of people nowadays trying to dominate the world of internet by putting up online business. At first they think its just so easy, as easy as putting up a site and promote your products. What they failed to realize is that with the presence of millions and millions of sites in the net, the lower your rank and traffic the lesser your product will be known. Thats why an idea of having a professional to work for the marketing thing in the internet is created, thats the roots of a profession called - Internet Marketing Specialist. I knew its quite broad, but the simpler thing to think is that - they are responsible for promoting your product just like your salesman in the real world. Speaking of internet marketing specialist, i knew a man who has great accomplishments on that field. He is the man who specialises in helping business newbies to promote themselves cheaply and quickly via the internet. He is no other than - Mr. Murray Ambler - Shattock. He is currently the Freelance IT Project Management at IT Projects.Net, an internet consultant at HiMedia Technologies Co. Ltd ("HTC") and the consultant at BusinessITools. He graduated from a reputable university and worked thereafter as a specialist since 1994. He has an intensive commercial internet experienced and even worked in the leading software company in the UK. At present, he has over 500 connections and consultancy service in different IT providers.

Christmas Bonding

We roamed around the city today hoping to find great deals and new apparels. I knew its quite odd but sometimes you really get tired of going to one store and to the other hoping to find something new. Because of just very few places and shopping centers so you will just have limited choice at all. Last Christmas i do my shopping at Cebu and i found a great deal there, was able to buy a nice dress and accesories. Now i dont know what to buy for the holiday season, still have plenty of dresses in my closet and i didnt even brought my clothes in cebu which i just bought a months ago. My friend was really right, there will come a time when you get tired of those personal niche and youll just amazed that your attention is already been diverted. Lately ive been hooked on nice pairs of pajamas and im planning to buy a new pair next week. Well i still need to buy gifts for my inaanak and next week will be a busy days for me.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NIne Morning Mass

This morning is the start of the nine morning mass until Christmas day. I knew a lot of people is excited to this because this just happens once in a year and the joyous occasions will surely be in the top list of anyone. I knew i am not a morning person but i really wanna try to sacrifice myselves for the said mass. We also sponsored for a thanksgiving mass for the whole duration which is a family thanksgiving for all the blessings we received for the entire year. Next week will be a busy week for us, shopping for gifts, candies and give aways. I just hope i will have little time for updates again.


If i could pick roses it could be.....

yellow.........for being there always on my side

pink............for bringing colors to my life


red...........for bringing meaning into my dull heart.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ultimate Way to Make MOney

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Christmas Update

Been thinkin of a good topic to write in here but failed to think of the right one. I was thinkin of something today that really bothers me a lot but outh not to disclose such for purposes of little privacy on my part. But really ive never been so peaceful and joyous like this Christmas. I have a great family and wonderful friends and quite a more private life not unlike before. I am happy and little reserve now. I never felt so contented right now. When i remembered the past experienced it made me really felt so bad coz last Christmas was really so sad on my part. I was alone and with nobody to be with unlike now that i felt so special. God has really a marvelous plans far better that what we think is right and far great from what we think is best.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Teeth Braces

They once says that smiles are just the only thing we can give for free and the most cheap beauty regime we should be doing to be beautiful everyday. But smiling is indeed a problem if you dont have a good sets of teeth, confidence is the key but you can't have the right confidence if you have problems with your teeth. That is why, we can see many people with braces and even with great colors for fashion purposes. I have even a friend who has a green brace on his teeth, i used to tease him that he looks like a frog but really its beautiful plus its not only a decorative in your teeth, its one way of maintaining proper hygiene in our oral care. Speaking of braces, do you know that denstists who specialize in braces are called Orthodontist, they are licensed medical professionals who esepcailly in putting and making braces. Ive knoew great Orthodontists in Austin TX which are really experts on braces. If you live in Austin and wants to avail of their service, contact them immedietly.

Missed Friends

I missed my great friends in my college years, before we had great time for bonding but now we seldom see each other. But last saturday, i saw my friends who was at SHOWTIME and she was even feautred there. I immedietly texted her that i saw her on television and she was really happy that she was able to go there. Hays missed them,

Nursing Uniforms

When i was about to graduate in my secondary year, i really intend to take a medical degree, any course in the medical fields for as long as i would be able to wear the white uniform i normally see in the jeepneys or at downtown. I just love the way they wear it and how descent these students are especially when i saw nursing students wearing their nursing uniforms.
Nursing as a course is really so prestige that once people saw you in that unifrom they will tend to praise you for being able to take up the course. Aside from a a very hard subjects and practicum, these students are really taking the course seriosly coz they are treating human being and their errors seems to be dealt sensitively unlike other professions. That is why a lot of my former classmates took up nursing courses for purposes of their own agenda and also for their future plans. Because of the popularity of the course, more and more stores offer exclusive medical uniform stores for convenience sakes of those students who wanted to have a variety of choices and great cuts. These stores also offer discounts to those who wanted to buy in bulk.
It is not really easy to choose a store where we can trust to cut and do the repair of our uniforms. They are our daily shirts so as much as possible, we wanted to have the best cut at the most comfortable means. Unlike other professions that they have variety of uniforms in different sets but nurses do just have one color and one cut at all. It needs a great store to produce the best cuts for nurses scrub uniforms not only because of its sensitive cuts but for the design that will best fit for the user. Trusting the right store for your uniforms is really a tough job however when tested and proven it will just be easy to come back and patrionize the service once again.

Cookware Products

I personally love to cook eventhough i still dont have yet the required skills to be able to cook for visitors. But eventually i knew i can do it as the skills they say is being inherited, My mom is a great cook, she is even paid to do some cooking for other people's party nevertheless i dont aim to be a great cook, just enough that i could do the basic menu and served my family delicious foods. Cooking requires really a great effort in order to learn the proper techniques and the right ingredients. Though we have recipe book that is available anytime still it lies on the hands of the one cooking that will do the menu palatable. My teacher once told me that to have a delicious food served in the table, you need to have the heart and the passion to be able to serve a great menu. However its not only the passion that is need, its also important to have the required sets of cookwares and other needed kitchen utensils to delivered a delicious menu at the table. Like when baking you really need to have measuring caps in order to have the right scale of you dry ingredients and came up with the right dough. But one important kitchen thing that should always be available at your kitchen is the saucepans because its really needed whether youre just cooking your favorite menu or just simply frying. But quality and durability are always the essential factors. Try looking for the leading providers to ensure of the quality of your kitchen products.

Misa de Gallo

This week is already the start of the nine morning mass which is done nine days before the Christmas day. Althought its indeed a sacrifice but really its a goal and commitment you wish to do for Jesus. They say that once you have fulfilled the nine morning masses consecutively, your wish will also be granted. I may now be a superticious person but going to mass for the Christmas season shouldnt be just for the wish to come true but a sacrifice being made for HIM and for HIm alone. That the true essence of Christmas.

Legal Battle

In terms of law battle, its really essential to choose the right firm since its your security and credibility that is at stake. Choosing the right law firm is really not an easy task, you need to consider a lot of factors so as to come up with the irght decisions. First you have to consider the credibility of the firm, is it well known for its winning battle or have you heard of it as not that credible in that aspect. I actually knew someone who just choose as to whoever their recommendes without even knowing by themselves the background of the firm. Enough that they were able to know the law firm which is by chance a missed of opportunity for winning the case. Defending yourselves is not that easy so you need to choose the right person and the most credible company for that matter. In Texas, ive heard of a law firm that will indeed helps you in your legal battle especially if its about child custody. They have the most credible and prestige attorneys you can hire to defend you against child custody. Austin Texas Child Custody Attorney is the right answer if you wanted really for a great deal in your legal battle. Is it proven and their credibility is already tested.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Car

Seems the family is so excited for an outing, my brother was just issued his new car and he promised to bring us on vacation this Christmas, still dont know where but really so excited. Today he asks my mom to settle his license for his driving meme and luckily it went fine, he just asked my father as to how hes going to bring the car with him on his way home. Well, it surely be a fantasic Christmas for us, surely. I hope u too guys.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Life's Twists

Uncertain, its how most of us defined life. True indeed, sometimes youre up and sometimes youre at your downest. What we have at present isnt always a guarantee coz in just a click it might just vanished and just go like a theft in the night. Its always good to stay humble especially if you really dont have what it takes to be on top. Climbing so high need a strong rope to guide you and takes you to the highest peak but what most climbers fail to prepare is when the rope cuts and will just makes you fall amidst everything you did to climb the highest peak of your dream. But smart people have a slow yet sure race to the top, they prepare their fight and walk when theyre sure enough of their destination. You might see people climbing so easily in their lifes journey towards their dream destination, yet stop and fall on their dreams because of overconfidence and arrogance. Yet, some were just unnoticed while taking their way up yet is visible once theyre near at the peak. Goodluck climbers, aim high but be careful in taking the right roads coz when youre at the crossroads and take the wrong path, youll surely fall on the wrong destination. Just take it easy and never be so boastful coz it will surely fall back on you and when lifes twists come, youll surely take the dose of your own medicine.

Congratulation the new District Manager of Cebu City - no other than my brother Paul. It was a much awaited surprise for the family when he announced that he was already given the appointment as the new DM effective today. We were really shocked yet so much glad about the news. We really coudnt believe it will happen. To my ever dear brother, thank for being so good and responsble brother and son to the family. We are always grateful that we have you. Do hope that youll be much blessed in the years to come. Well, this is a celebration.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Game of Chance

These past few days, medias were all crazy waiting for the 6 number combination for the 6/55 lotto. And who woundt? when the pot money was neary half a billion pesos. Who woundt want to win such big money instantly. Even businessmen and professionals were all in a hurry to the station for their bet.Of course its the game of chance nonetheless we are all taking chances, praying that maybe its our lucky day and hit the six lucky digits. And fortunately, it was won by one person who bet somewhere in Luzon and they are all speculating that maybe it was one of the SBMA employee but until now it was not yet claimed by the lucky man/woman. I was thinkin if i won those amount, how will i spent it and maybe it will just be a headache coz it will just cause future problems that will surely arise. We were talking during dinner time about the said news when my father joined our conversations and as he quote, its still valuable to spend the money you worked for and you sweat for. Coz its the sweetest reward you can ever get. And as he adviced us, its good to dream of luxury but having simple life is still the best choice especially if you have a great family. I agree and none can supercedes with that.