Thursday, December 4, 2008


Sometimes the irony of life makes me so frustrated, times you believe hes the one but all of a sudden youve realized the one youve taken for granted was the one worth for your life, but then its already too late for a change. I remember my friend telling me that, find a man who is in love with you rather than you, falling in love with your man. She was definitely right, not until this very day ive realized that, Way back 2 years ago, ive chatted with a great man from the middle east, at first we just had a short conversation but then it paves the way for a 2 years relationship. It was a relationship full of ups and downs, but then at the end of the day, ive found it fullfilling and yes i have fall in love with him. You might question me, of the reason why i fall? because he was the first man who had loved me unconditionally...yes, with no conditions, he had embraced me with so much love despite me being so spoiled brat..Oftentimes, we encounter arguments because he sometimes gave up on me because of my moody traits, because i tend to be childish but then he make it a point to settle things and he really do find ways just to let me know how i am so special in his life.
Sadly, things were not the same as before, i have hurt him terribly and i know its so hard to regain his trust again, but i swear i never do that intentionally, there was just the conflict of my time that i was not able to go there. It not anymore important whatever was there, what i am just thinkin now, is that i would have hard time letting him go. coz i missed his chats, his calls, his sweet stuff and evrything in him, i guess i can no longer find a man who will loves me the way he did. and if time permits and if i would have the chance to go back to that time, i swear i should have done the right thing,
But its over now, and he would now belong to my memories, i never would intend to forget cause he made it a point to create a special space in my heart that time cant erase.