Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Day Before My Birthday

Looking back, i am and still the girl who is always excited whenever my special day comes. When i was still a bit younger, i would ask my mom to make a spaghetti because it always means something else for a kid. But now, i usually decides if im going to celebrate my birthday with a bash or simply a family gathering. I can count on my fingers the times where i celebrated my birthday with a bash. I could still recall when i was still at my previous company. My boss would treat the entire staff to a birthday bash. He is such a sweet and thoughful superior. Also, i am one of the few people who were lucky to experience memorable birthday celebrations that in a way a splendid and sweet. Anyway, tomorrow marks my natal day.Im happy to say that this has been a great year for me and if i still had wish in my life, its just about good health for my family members and continous guidance of my God. Just a while ago, my brother called up coz they will go home to our place for my birthday. I am just thankful that i have wonderful siblings who is so supportive and understanding. Well, i decided to have a small family event this coming saturday because thats just the time everyone is available. My brother promised me for a birthday cake. I already prepared my desserts and few menus. I knew it will just be more on drinking session. In a way my celebration is just about thanksgiving and catching up with some old friends and family members too. Stay happy guys!