Friday, April 30, 2010


Your True Love's Name Is Phillip Y.

Now you just have to find this person!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


A pastor once quote on one of his sermon that the secret to a wonderful life is to be more FORGIVING. I dont know if youll agree with me but i say its the key to have a total peace of mind and it creates a wonderful feeling both inisde and out. MOney cant buy happiness, that is true but they say will u be happy if you dont have money? if you dont have food in your table? if you dont have the chance to have all the luxuries in life? Yes money does matters but it doesnt mean that it creates a big space in our heart to have a fullfilling life nor it does creates a genuine smile. yes it creates temporay smile because we have attained our material wishes and dreams but at teh end of the day, the smile vanished when we realized that tehre is always lacking in our life and that is GENUINE HAPPINESS. They say in order to attain to that is to be more contented on what we have and perhaps learn to understand more, be more patient, be more loving, bemore kind, be more thoughtful and to add extra effort on what we normally do towards others. Anyway, theres no additional costs on it unlike extra rice and other xtras and add ons on our favorite value meal. Lesson: Be more forgiving, even just in one day, who knows we might like it?

Friday, April 23, 2010


Few days to go before ill finally leave for good, i dont know what life awaits me there but im crossing my finger that everything will be fine. Ill surely miss my sister and a brother, but this what life is. Its actually a journey of unending surprises.


What Catherine Means: C is for Colorful

C is for Colorful

A is for Ambitious

T is for Talented

H is for Heavenly

E is for Elegant

R is for Rebellious

I is for Industrious

N is for Neglected

E is for Enjoyable

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Lots of stories to tell, but as much as i wanted to open up everything, i wanted to kept a little for me and shared those happy memories.wink*, just the other day, was chosen as judged by a Barangay singing contest, i am not a good singer or a singer for that matter. But perhaps they just wanted to choose me.hehhe. Well what happened was worst than i expected, there was cahos and trouble after we've given the results, because one of their Councilor reacted as far their arrangements are concerned, though we knew its already beyond our jurisdiction but the thought that this drunk man is having his scene at the stage frightened me. Of course, who wouldnt? in a place when i know nothing - who will i be with if trouble arises. But i met a good man, a professor who was the chairman of the panel of judges and he was really so gentleman, he offer to assist me even on my way home. But though it was sort of horrific, funny but quite a memorable experience.


This coming saturday is the birthday of my beloved sister, well i just have this advanced posting coz i might forgot to greet her on her special day. To those who dont know her, she is the best sister in the world, really. Through thick and thin shes always there for me. I am grateful that i have her and we have her in the family. Were like bestfriends, we usually asked each other adviced in terms of fashion, i mostly cried on her shoulder when we parted ways with my bf, when shortcomings arises, we really handles it so well. You know what i appreciates her the most is that she has the childish act that i loved, we both loves lollipos and ice cream, we love window shopping, i love my shoes collection as much as i love her cards and stationaries. Though we have fights once in a while but we managed to be really so good in handling them. To my little sister, who mean the world to me, I may seldom tell you this but you are the best sister in the world, you are my bestfriend and a buddy who really proves to me at all times that friendship is about taking each other beyond conditions. I love u


I guess all of u guys are familiar with Socialspark, its like a sister company of Payperpost, i am actually just new to the site and what amazed me is that, i check my email once and found a notifocation that there is available opps for me, but then when i checked it, the task was not anymore available, well, i wanted to know if is it really like that? I mean you have to be so fast to reserve them immedietly like PPP before? Well if thats the case maybe i might start my chasing skills.hehhe

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Philippine Election

The coming May 10 - National Election is the first automated election in the country, in hoe COMELEC defined automated, they specify that its not the voting that is computerized cos its still manual, what is automated is the counting of votes which i agree with them. As far as i remember, there are variety of ways to cheat in the manual elections, i served and elction before so i knew the processes and how they can do their tricks. I am quite happy with the recent development unfortunately it doesnt erased the doubts that maybe the cheating will also be high tech. Considering that todays high tech gadgets can even hacked even the most safe and secured banks transactions. BUt i also have some trusts and confidence with the election body that hopefully they will be true to their oath - to be in service with the Filipino people, with pride and integrity.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just and Update

Well i hope u missed me guys?heheh, i knew its been quite a few days of hiatus on my part, just busy and doing something important. I wish i could tell my life;s updates now..heheh, but hopefully soon if ill have enough time..for now, allow me to extend my greetings to all of you, thanks too for the visits guys..

Saturday, April 3, 2010



How to walk in High Heels
By: Camilla Morton

Women, they say are vulnerable, and if there is one book created to equip women everywhere with the necessary skills to survive in the modern world, this would it. How to Walk in High Heels is a girl’s guide to everything. Author Camilla teaches women how to do everything with style befitting a true woman of today.
Featuring guides on handling different social situations, tackling your technophobia, how to reverse-park, and picking up dog poo with style, and many more all rolled into one.



I cannot anymore count on my fingers the number of times ive read on many magazines about women and even men who still want their ex back on their present. In other words their past still plays a significant role in their life, no matter how they tried to move on and move and move on. They blame it for insanity, but for me its sanity, coz its just proves one thing, that they were really hit by cupids arrow and that makes them a true human being, being able to feel an emotional roller coaster once in a while.

Experts says there’s nothing wrong in falling in love, its what we do and what we haven’t do in the name of love that makes falling in love wrong. Like for instance, when you commit suicide because you can’t accept the mere fact that your gf/bf has found someone new, then that’s makes falling in love thing – really wrong. On the contrary, when you love a person in all your heart but you cant fight that feeling because of social graces then eventually you regret it at the end, then it makes true love unreachable for u. Whatever stories love has created in each life, there’s one constant fact that I’m sure all of u agree, it’s the premise that love is the greatest feeling in this world.

Going back, If you’ve really love your ex and you finally realized that after you have think a million times and tried to really change your life to forget him, but after what you’ve done to really forget him in your senses and you still failed, and after a while you find him at your doorsteps, asking for another chance, will you give him the big “yes”?

Here are some gals, who share their thoughts:

· If my old flame is back, I should treat him as friend, theres no use bringing back the old flame. Besides he left me already maybe its good that he will just be part of my memory and concentrate on my present.
· He’s completely out of my life, I cant allow him to ruin my life again. Past is past.
· If I still loves my ex, I wont waste my life to someone I don’t love, I will definitely settle to the one I love.
About you? Will you settle to the one you love? Or the one who loves you?

Friday, April 2, 2010


"The family that prays together stays forever", who could forget of the famous lines my teacher always reminds me of. But now its not only her lines that i adore most but more of the gratitude for having the patience to really teach us good moralls. Now i appreciate it, coz his teaching is a reflection of the faith in action. Through this, i have realized that its indeed true, our christian faith starts at the core value of the family. When u have strong foundation in your family - you will have great chance of cultivating and nourishing your spiritual life. Im just one of the few people blessed to have a great family. Though we have lots of imperfections, i myself is not perfect at all times, but im proud of the fact that they remain my inspiration as i walk thru this journey called LIFE.


Allow me to share with the homily of the priest a while ago, it was about the significant of the Holy Cross, at my twenty five years of existence, i never even bothered to ask to my parents what is the correct way of signing the cross, enough that i see my lola and my mom doing it, then i did it in my own way. Nonethless, one significant thing ive learned from the priest was the correct way of doing the signing of the cross,i couldnt help but smile because i myself seems to be so ignorant that i even flaunt on doing it at public, what i dont know is that im doing the wrong way, at last now i knew. Second thing, the priest emphasize was about LOVING SELFLESSLY, indeed its quite easier said than done.How could an ordinary human being love his neighbor and foregtiing his self, i guess none could do that. Only God. That is why many failed in LOVE because we use to create standards on what should be done and what should not. We base our standards on the give and take policy, seldom we base it on give and give. There is always the self factor in the picture. Who could afford to give his own self for the sake of others? Who could afford to take the pain without thinking of revenge? Who could afford to be kind when youre at the midst of being insulted? Who could afford to forgive even amidst trials and shortcomings? Who? but JESUS alone.