Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Travelling to Turkey Soon?

..then this post will guide you where to stay,

Traveling to a place where i could unwind and feel refreshed is something that i want to do the soonest. But then, i have to check my budget and other priorities first before coming up with a travel plan. Thus, if money is no object and if i have the chance to be with with a place i could shop and travel anytime then i would choose to be in Turkey. For some people, western countries are nice place to spend with and for a change i wanted to have some sight seeings and great tour at Turkey, the country is located at southeastern Europe. The famous actress in the country married a business tycoon from this country and i remember she once told the reporters that there are great places to visit there like Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Gobekli Tepe and few more area of interests.

So, the next thing you will arrange when you're done booking your flight is to look for a nice hotel to stay with.In looking for a hotel, aside from the amenities look for a place where its highly accessible to commercial places, affordable price and great customer service. Somewhere where you find hospitality and where staff are way too friendly and accommodating with your needs. A friend mentioned about holidaymate when he stumbled a review on a certain hotel at Turkey.

Speaking of hotel in Turkey, in case you haven't make up your mind yet where to book your stay then i will take this chance to urge you to inquire about Akdeniz Beach Hotel. This is indeed a holiday mate for people seeking a total blast and one of a kind experience.


Just so let you know that this is an.....

An Early Day

Good morning visitors and bloggers

I am set to do a lot of things today. First off i have few reviews to publish and some guest posts in queue not to mention of course the interim posts i need to create. Haist it will surely be a long day but thankful that i have few blessings to celebrate.

Last night, i end up sleeping late too. I have to work on publishing relevant posts in my new sites. The thoughts that i will reap a nice end soon just motivates me to work and strive more. So Happy Blogging guys. I have to take my breakfast first before i start working today.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Online Deals Site to Bookmark

The world of innovative technology is indeed at its capstone Who would have thought anyway that it will make our life easier, makes goods accessible and of course saves us few bucks. Yes dear, you can also saves use the net by searching for deals and avail of coupons or discount sales to take home your most fancy gadgets or fashionable clothes.

Fashion as they say is about confidence and feeling good about yourself. At that, its just right to say that you ca actually be fashionable without breaking your banks. Now, your ultimate question is, where to find good deals online.

So, im giving you a nice share where i get valuable coupons to buy branded apparels without my extra budget.

1. Deal Grocer

 Deal Grocer discounts of at least 50% on exclusive travel packages, dining experience, and more. Deal Grocer's amazing deals are available nationwide.

2. Living Social

Get the best deals in your city up to 90% Off! Get discount vouchers and discount coupons from activities, food and drinks, health, beauty deals, restaurants, and a lot more.

3. Cash-Cash Pinoy

The year was 2010. Our founders were walking around a mall looking for some good bargains. As they asked around, they found that similar items could be bought at different prices depending on which shop you went to. So that was kind of tricky to guess what price was a ‘real’ good deal.

The year was 2010 and our founders saw an opportunity. Being a pioneer e-commerce business in the archipelago by proposing an online platform where every filipino could fill every need - from electronic gadgets to fashion accessories, from restaurant discount vouchers, to home furniture, travel offers, beauty treatments and many more but always at an incredible discounted prices! A ‘real’ discounted price. Then, CashCashPinoy was born!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's a Rainy Sunday

It's a rainy Sunday down here and as of this typing i more want to cuddle with my pillow. Honestly, i just had a nap after our lunch but then the partner just called up awhile ago to ask something so i was awaken. I have nothing to do except to rise and do some blog hopping or do my backlogs. I am planning to finish whatever i have still in my dashboard before i will be given another batch again.

I remember i have some accessories to share lately here. They're all courtesy of an online shop and as you can guess it right, they're all free. I still don't have the time to upload some photos by now and hopefully in the coming days after im done with the errands of my partner.

So, just dropping some updates here, Have a Blessed Sunday everyone!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Look Good Within: Beauty Revamp to Try

"If you have it, flaunt it", i often heard this statements from my peers especially when they wear mini skirt and that guys out there rolled their eyes over that long legged displayed for publicity. I have nothing against conservative woman coz i always respect them as to their choice of fashion. Nonetheless, it's quite nice to see an attractive lady, oozing with sex appeal and wearing that simple shirt but looks hot. I am honesty a fashion disciple but then i am still not at the point where i can wear anything, i just have to wear what im comfortable of wearing and the rest will follow.

Hence, woman out there would surely agree with me that aside from stunning clothes to flaunt or other assets, what we usually focus or give more attention is our face, right? I myself, would have my daily routine spent about 40 minutes from taking my shower to applying my toner and moisturizer. I knew i need not to do it everyday but then since im not getting any younger, i have to get rid of those wrinkles and my ultimate way to do that is to maintain my daily facial routine. I am using just one brand which i am a happy and satisfied consumer, i get to use my facial wash, toner, moisturizer and my day cream. Since i became vain to fight against facial intruders, i have no complain over pimples and even acne. Thanks to my regimen.

Facial Treatment, Laser Center in Atlanta & Tyrone, GA

Thus, i knew that there are just people who are prone to acne and even blackheads. It's pretty annoying when you get to see them visible on your face. Aside from the fact that it lowers your self esteem, it may also cause further damage on your face like having those ugly holes and even visible dirt. That's really a no no, right? So, if you think you need to undergo a pigmentation removal then trust no other beauty clinic than of The site is just perfect for beauty seekers who wants to get rid of those facial and body problems. Don't just settle for a beauty clinic that promised for a thorough result instead go for a comprehensive laser service that eradicates warts, unwanted scars, sun spots and even for skin tightening and rejuvenation.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pretty Busy on Saturday

I've thought i can go with my brother for mall hopping today together with her partner but i was wrong. The partner told me that we can't talk by 11 am and instead he will just go online 2 pm my time so i don't have any choice but to come online this afternoon. While waiting for honey, i am making this day productive. I'm working on my backlogs and submitting some requirements to a new B2B site. I was chosen to work with them in terms of publishing their guest posts. I'm thankful indeed that i have the chance to work with them as they just send invitation to blog owners who passed their stringent process and luckily i was included in the shortlist process.

What amazed me, they sent come contracts to fill in and make an electronic signature. As blog owner, you are guaranteed for few contents and stable money income weekly. They set the price too so what you just do is to signed up for your conformity. It's another blessing indeed.

So, hows you day doing guys? Are you enjoying your weekend?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Day to a Spa Is Not Extravagant

Yesterday, i read from a friend's status message that she spent the day on a Spa. Upon reading that, immediately felt amazed, we all knew how pricey the packages are in Spa, it takes an extra budget for me to be able to have my body pampered at such establishment.

Thus, my further readings tells me that a day at the Spa is not actually a luxury. Trust me, it has countless benefits than how you expect things to be. First off, i knew it makes you feel refresh as the Spa experience offers to "De-Stress" you. It's not actually too much to pamper yourself, right? Also, they say that going into spa gives you mental benefits and lose weight. I am really impressed of the benefits of attending a spa session which made me think that it's actually needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

On a more personal note, just yesterday, my back was aching badly and that the migraine hits me. I was at the city and it was too tiring for me especially when you walked with no umbrella. The moment i arrived home, i felt a sudden difference on my back and i took a nap immediately. Gladly, my brother was there who knew about massaging so i let him do some massage first at the back of my neck and at my body back too. I think i was stressed because of a lot of errands i deal with this week and of course beating my online obligations.

That point, getting a spa experience actually lingers on my thought. I used to that and honestly the experience is really good. I just think everyone needs a good pamper, right? Also, aside from regular massaging and other spa services, i came to realize that there are also spa for beauty addicts. I came across a site called MedSpa and i am honestly amazed of the beauty packages that they offer. Quite a nice idea for pampering. What about getting a massage first then heading to a lose weight session or laser hair removal? nice option indeed!! 

If you feel you are interested for such regimen then visit Im sure you feel ecstatic to the different beauty packages that they offer.

Be You - Be Beautiful

Self confidence is your greatest arm for beauty's sake. Trust me, there's no best beauty tip than to feel good about yourself. Eye creams, make ups and all those beauty loots are just temporary when you wash it with soap and water, your bare face is what will be seen in the mirror.

No point, in making yourself glamorous when deep inside you feel not good. Beauty starts from within and as they say....

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Deal with Unwanted Hair

Few years back, a friend introduced me to this underarm cream that whitens your spot and make it hair free for few days. I was having a second thought at first since i don't used underarm cream or any deodorant. I go for soap and that's it. But then, ladies out there would agree that without you noticing it, your underarm may seems to be visibly darker for some reasons. I honestly don't know where it can be attributed or the root cause of it, all i knew i just want it to fairer and lighter so that you can wear sleeveless tops and flaunt it.

But then, we all have imperfections whether it's about some physical aspects but the good thing, you can take some remedy on it. Like for instance you could avail of underarm laser hair removal if you really want a hair-free and smooth skin beneath. I think the local comedienne who happened to rant about his underarm problem underwent such procedure since i can see a nice underarm whenever i got the chance to peek on it. Of course we can't set aside the fact that hair removal services is quite pricey and getting a perfect company for that service needs a personal research. Don't get me wrong but there are deceiving advertisements these days that you have to personally scout and do your own research before availing for that beauty enhancement firm.

As with your hair removal company scout, i think i can offer or suggest a store where you can try your most sensitive beauty revamp. A friend just tried the service of  st louis body hair removal and she has good words and praises for the treatment. This kind of procedure uses a state of the art technology so you don't have to worry much against further side effects.  The treatment rooms are also awesome as apart from getting the right ambiance, you got to experience superior comfort.

Anyway, i think i have said it all, Its about time you discover them at your own.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Sneak Peek at my Footwear Collection

As a lady, i love to collect few footwear too as i love the idea of matching my clothes with the same color of sandals/slippers. It's not a secret that woman's secret vanity is with their fascination of different collectibles. Some loves collecting bags, accessories and maybe few clothes but as with me, i am not into huge collections. I would prefer keeping few pairs or footwear for convenience of my styles.

For formal occasions, id love the idea of wearing wedge. It makes me look elegant, taller and gives me the feeling of confidence when i wear this.

Wedge is a nice pick too when you choose to wear dress, skirt that is way too long for your legs and of course when you want to flaunt your leggings. It's a nice choose too when you attend special occasions. There are maze of wedges ready to grab at your nearest show store and online resource.

On some ends, i am fascinated too in wearing flats these days. Aside from the fact that my legs are no longer as strong as i was confident before in wearing high heeled shoes in a long hours. While flats offer convenience to the wearer, it also makes you a little carefree and simple yet hot. I don't know why it's also on trends, maybe because of its simple style that it gives to the lady. At present, i own few flats but this my most favorite wear, not for the fact that it's color is not choosy. I also love its simple animal design at the center.

As with my everyday wear, i love to pamper my feet with regular slippers. Though, sometimes i choose just to wear this when i do some errands at the city. Ipanema offers a different kind of pampering to your feet. It's a little soft when you wear it and of course, it's quality and durability is beyond compare. There are lots of designs to choose from too and you just need to get yours at an accredited store.

So, that's it for my footwear favorites. Sorry i can't manage to feature all of them. Till next time..

Monday, July 1, 2013

On Dealing with Dark Circles

However you address it, it's still not good to see, right?

Yes, im talking about dark circles here...

And, honestly its so annoying, its not pleasant to see and it's quite heavy when i blink. That's a hassle anyway.

Ever since i was still in high school, i already noticed this dark circles and i can't deny that it all boils down when i was spending sleepless nights because of my studies. I had a little passion in my studies so we tend to spend few more hours early morning reading especially during examinations. So, i don't remember it vanish at all which cause me to be  a little annoyed whenever it is so visible.

So, just recently, i discovered a natural way to just refresh and deal with dark circles. Cucumber as it is familiar with us, is a good way to make those circles a little lighter and fairer too.

A slice of it, put it in a fridge and put it in your eyes just before you dose off.

Now you're done. The next morning i noticed my something good about my eyes. I reserved the space for you to try it.