Friday, January 23, 2009

How to leave him.....

Just a thought, Is there an easy way to heal a broken heart? i guess there is none, basically every pain and grief that we encounter always gives us the most painful experience, it may not be the most hurtful but somehow it would always bring a scar, a constant reminder of the pain it brings once.
To those who are now in the midst of emotional catastrophe, hope post help you in any way possible. I will not say that i have been there and i always understand you because i knew i didnt, the pain that is inside of your heart now is as different as i felt 2 years ago. However, one common thought always comes to our mind, we should learn to move forward, to move on, to be completely healed. Here are some thoughts, id like to share:
1. Learn to accept the pain, the grief = Give yourself permission to be able to undergo the process of undergoing in pain, coz theres no easy way of completly letting go of yourself from his memories not unless you give yourself a time to reminisce, to accept, to forgive and eventually to forget and to get out of his shadow.
2. Feel your feelings, but dont believe them = Feeling bad about it is fine, youre just being true to yourself, youre just being transparent, but feeling bad about your life, about everything is another story. It will just create a negative feeling for yourself, for others and the way you perceived things. It wouldnt bring any good to you.

Falling in love is not about the person your heart ponders the most, its not about the other person. Its about you, about what you feel and what you will feel in the future. Nobody can decide whats good for you, except yourself. If you are in pain now, remember that this is a great avenue to mold you to be a better and matured individual, and lastly always remember that being single open up an avenue to choose a better partner in life.

Happy Weekend

The entire is almost done, two days more to go, and before we finally say goodbye to this tiring week, let me just greet all of you guys a happy weekend, hope you had a fruitful days this week and productive as well, i knew we all need this as we are facing crises nowadays. As for me, i am happy as i had 5 tasks from PPP this week. I couldnt believe PPP will be so good this time, i am really so grateful for the opps that they have given me. Well, thats all for now guys, enjoy the rest of the week...

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