Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Rainy Sunday

I just woke up after a short nap. I love cuddling at my pillows while listening to the drop of the rain. I fix my things up coz i find my room so messy. The nephew who slept with me had an upset stomach last night thats why i wasnt able to have a sound sleep. The hubby promised to check out things on me last night so he monitored the condition of the nephew until this morning. I appreciate really my partner for being so sweet especially when it comes to my loved ones health. When im in troubled or times where i left with no options, i would always text him about the problem i am having. Right after i sent he will immediately called up to know how im doing. He would solve things for me, give me some advised and sometimes he will do things on his own so that i would not think about it anymore.

I remember one time, he was in travel that time and i encountered some emergency. I called him up to know that i need some money urgently. Since he cant wired me at that moment, he asked for possible source where i could get the amount. I knew a friend who can lend me that certain amount and he offered to talk to him. Funny, but he really talked to my friend about my need and told the latter that he will wire the money as soon as he arrived home. True indeed, he sent the money the very day arrived from a trip and told my friend that he wanted to meet her when he arrived here. Today, i just cant help but think about him being so kind and thoughtful because honestly speaking, he changed my life inevitably.