Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Sweet Honey Indeed

Ohh my, i am just so lucky to have a great partner. No matter how i hide from not telling me what ive been going through, he would find means to show his love and kindness. I knew it. Today, i got my deserved treat.Woot!. Thanks honey pie for being my dream sharer and my secret keeper. Thank you for not allowing me to think much and for making my life a wonderful journey. Mwah

Anyway, just a quick update.My honey was quite worried because i missed sending him a usual goodnight and i love you coz i was quite busy the past few days. Nahh, okey - im actually just testing him if he indeed loves me and if he missed me it means that he loves me and he cant live without me. True indeed, just a day of not texting him, he was so terrified that when he phoned me this morning i just want to tell him how he mean so much to me.God, i was just addicted to him being on me 24/7. He is there when im sick, he is my pillow when i simply needs a rest and he is my ear whenever i needed one. I never thought that i wuld really fall so hard to him. To my honey pie, i knew you just dont want to show your sweet side but everyday you dont miss showing off how much you love me. I promise to be your only girl and will never break it as long im at the right frame of my mind. I cant wait to share with you a night full of giggle and unending stories. I love 2012 because i can feel so many things that will unfold.