Friday, June 25, 2010

Never Had Regrets

Status can be simplly changed just as what we used to in networking sites, but emotions and true feelings can never be found in just a clicked of a hand. Finding someone who will truelly and sincerely loves you is hard to find in this chaotic world. Thats why when you have her, take the best of care and never let her go, coz you dont know what she offers and how she can transform your world into a great life. I personally have no regrets as to how it went out, at first i want to know the truth behind it but now i choose not, i choose not to be hurt badly so i choose not to know. If time somes, that we will accidentally meet, i knew it would just be normal for him but not for me but im sure that i will be alright coz i have a clear conscience - im sure the only fault i did was loving him. But now that i have finally moved on, i choose to think of him for the last time and the memories that we once had shared. He was the best man, i will not lie and until now he is but im afraid i could have different answer in the few months to come. He has captured my heart really, but when he choose to broke it, it changed everything. Now im happy to tell everyone that i am happy with someone, happy to be with him.

Just a New Chapter

I am not exempted to those women who were foolish and stupid once just for the four letter word. and besides, who never was? I used to believe that love was enough and just as enough as i thought so, coz it can conquer all esepcially if you knew and u believe that you loved him and thought thta he did too.That is why when you found out at the end how he played the ganes so well, you were at a denial stage at first, you have formulated all the reasons in the world just for a happy ending stories like what we always wished to. But life indeed is full of irony, when i learn to dry my tears by myself, i found a shoulder to cry on and when i mastered the skills of hating, somebody started loving me.

The Pain Is Over

Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that the will love u back the way you love them. Coz love is the feeling intended to be wholeheartedly given and never to expect something in return, thats why its called falling in love not obliging to fall in love. However, painful reality comes when u discover that youve loved the wrong person and its just a one-sided love and the saddest part, no matter how you did u best to how and feel him that he means a lot to your life but still he cannot love you back. What are u going to do? Will you cry to death or just learn to gradually accept things, to accept your fate - that we really cant force ourselves to someone who cant force himself to love us back. But the great thing about it, no matter how painful it is today, theres still tomorrow to start all over again.
And who knows as the sun shines the following day, everything will turn out fine and this time its already destined for u. And you just woke up being with someone far better than the man you have given your heart out. Indeed, it pays to wait and that waiting is a sign that you dont want to settle for less. Its always a desperate act to settle for the one available and jump to the nearest person willing to mend your heart. Coz after all, as you have accepted and used with the pain, there will always a time where youll finally feel something strange again, something unusual but far from the painful experience you had once, just as i thought last night, he was worth of my tears, and the painful experienced i had then.