Saturday, June 4, 2011

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Saturday Happenings

Just arrived here guys after an enjoyable day. I said to myself that i wont shop no more coz i have just bought dresses last week, but i did again today. Poor me, i dont know how to manage my finances but i guess this would be the last time coz i will be using my savings for my grandmom's death anniversary. Anyway, i got a great pair of dresses that i bought on a nice deal. It was so fantastic that i cant help but buy it and yes it was pricey but then thanks to my honey pie for pampering me so much. Yay, my honey doesnt know that i bought 3 dress and i might be spanked if he will know.

I also bought school supplies for my nephew which was actually my main agenda in going to downtown. hayst rush shoppers are everywhere which was pretty tiring. I guess i cant rest this weekend because we were invited by our uncle to the baptism of my nephew. I knew it will took us a day there. I hope my honey pie would permit to go or else i would just be left at home waiting for his call.