Friday, December 26, 2008

Love Update

Well friends, i have a great news and updates to my love life, in the Christmas eve, my honey pie called me up to great me for the Christmas season, i was really surprised and i was so speechless at first, but then i was so happy thu my phone hang up because the battery was already empty.
To my dear lalabs, thank u so much for the call, it was a big thing for me, you just didnt knew how you made a simple woman happy just for that mere act, it made me realize that i am always special and truelly no man can ever love me the way you did.
Seems like a cliche, it would always be my pleasure to love and be loved by a great man like you.
Happy Holidays and I want the world to know that i love u so much thu your on the other part of the world.mwah

Merry Christmas

I had a great Christmas celebration this year, the entire family was present, everybody was around and we prepared lots of foods and sweets. Our relatives and some close friends visited the house, thus it was raining and partly cloudy, it didnt stop us to have a merry and happy christmas. While in the afternoon, while the rest of the guys were having there drinking session, I just pleasured myself by watching movies, it was a movie marathon for me until late at night. I really enjoyed the day since it was the first time, i really had a day break.
To everyone, a very merry christmas and hope you celebrate the season with love and hope you didnt forget that the true essence of Christmas season is for us to be reminded of the greatest aspect in this world and the most essential, intangible thing that should be present in our heart, as often as possible:LOVE

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My honey Pie

Im so happy now, that at last my honey pie mailed me back, i really miss him na so much. and all this time what i just want is for us to be ok, thu i knew its still be impossible by now, but God is good, in Gods best time, everything will be ok.
I really love him so much.

Im in Calbayog

..yeah thats right, im currently in Calbayog now to attend the rotesserie opening and it was indeed a tiring trip, there roads were not cemented yet and still the travel is so disapponting.
Its few days more to go before Christmas and thu i can hear the carollers at street, the spirit of Christmas is always there but because of my heavy loads, i seem to forget thats its two more days to go before the birth of our Saviour.
A very merry Christmas Everyone!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I am really so tired of this unending workload, even to my rest day, i need to report just toprevent backlog of my job. Its totally a disapointment to my part to be in this situation, yeah we need to persevere, to be hardowrking but nonentheless we also need to rest, we also need to sleep and give ourselves time. Earning is so valuable to us, coz with this we can buy whatever we want and of course our basic needs. But theres always a limitations in everything that we are into, coz overstepping into that may lead into chaos,overworked may lead to sickness. Our body is such so important that we need to value this, the most.
Hope my superior could read this, because theyre just up to giving instruction, but theyre not there to really experienced what i am experiencing, theyre not there when my body cannot almost react because of over stressed, overfatigued.
I wish everyone is fair!

WHat i want this Christmas

A Victorias Secret is all i want this christmas, yeah im craving for the sweet scent of this perfume, its really my wish to received a gift this holiday.hmmm,,who else could give this to me?hahhaha, let's see?
Happy holidays Everyone

Saturday, December 20, 2008

What a life!

Well, what a life! i actually work with, with all my sales men to oversee them is selling our commodity, and it was entirely a tiring day. It was raining and i was really so stressed because i woke up past 6 am but i slep just this 4 am, that is why my eyes is really so tired and heavy, need to recharge first. Heck, my distributors are in chaos cause i might not give them there allocation so every minute i received a call and my phone keeps on riging all the time, it makes me so paranoid on all this stuff.
Anyway, advance merry xmas to all, i might forgot to greet you all,

Friday, December 19, 2008

I missed my HOney

I missed my honey pie, and i cant withstand with the emptiness that i felt, i knew ive made a great mistake and i regret really doing that,,,more than anything, he was really a companion and a friend to me, he showered me with his unconditional love that no one else can surpass, how i wish everything will be ok, i just pray that everything will be ok..
i love u so much honey, i couldnt live without you..

Still with flu..

Despite the holiday season coming and the cold air hitting my butt for a good sleep but i cant because of runny nose, still my flu doesnt want to leave, poor girl. Ive decided to take a leave today because of head ache but still i went to the office because i have lots of things to do. How i wish i will be well before weekends so that i could do the travel and all those things i need to be done. I even forgot to post an article for holidays,hehhehe, well thats how far i missed the blogging world..well guys! hope you still visit my site..
take care and advance happy holidays!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Im back

Im back from the trip but then im not feeling good, i experienced flu because i guess of the over fatigue and stress, im at the office to do my reports and all stuff, how are u doing guys? i miss chatting really and emailing and everything, see you guys!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Working sunday

everyone? mine is still a working sunday, i had lots of pending works due to my travel and i have to recover from the days ive lost, i have to do invoicing and lots of things.
Tomorrow, ill be going to southern leyte and do market survey in all areas under the southern most partt of leyte, and ill be lost for around 3 days due to my very hectic schedule.
I will miss you really, get updated! mwah

Friday, December 12, 2008

Im back

...yes finally after two days, im finally back from cebu, it was actually our christmas party that is why we were there, well we had a great night as to the ambiance and to the preparation,everybody was enjoying and our chief executive officer was also there. Though it was quite tiring because of the travel and the preparation but it was worth it, we did some mall hoppings and drinking session with all my friends in cebu..Ohh, i guess i need that just for some time, and now back to work again..hehehe...
Ok, till here, i will just disposed my baggages..heheh

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Good morning my dear bloggers, its been quiete a while since i last update on this blog, i was so busy, really busy on the past few days because we implement new set-up and realignment for our sales and distribution department which i handled.
Tonight ill be leaving to cebu for an important matter and ill be back by saturday.
have a nice day everyone!

Pacquio Mania

It was indeed a Pacquio mania last sunday, after a very intriguing fight and a controvercial match, our very own Manny Pacquio proved once again that he is the pound to pound best boxer in his time. Indeed Pacquio carves out a masterpiece via 8th round TKO victory over the Golden boy - de la Hoya.

For more updates, visit Manny Pacquio's site

Happy Holidays

Glitter Graphics

Glitter Happy Holidays Graphics

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Sometimes the irony of life makes me so frustrated, times you believe hes the one but all of a sudden youve realized the one youve taken for granted was the one worth for your life, but then its already too late for a change. I remember my friend telling me that, find a man who is in love with you rather than you, falling in love with your man. She was definitely right, not until this very day ive realized that, Way back 2 years ago, ive chatted with a great man from the middle east, at first we just had a short conversation but then it paves the way for a 2 years relationship. It was a relationship full of ups and downs, but then at the end of the day, ive found it fullfilling and yes i have fall in love with him. You might question me, of the reason why i fall? because he was the first man who had loved me unconditionally...yes, with no conditions, he had embraced me with so much love despite me being so spoiled brat..Oftentimes, we encounter arguments because he sometimes gave up on me because of my moody traits, because i tend to be childish but then he make it a point to settle things and he really do find ways just to let me know how i am so special in his life.
Sadly, things were not the same as before, i have hurt him terribly and i know its so hard to regain his trust again, but i swear i never do that intentionally, there was just the conflict of my time that i was not able to go there. It not anymore important whatever was there, what i am just thinkin now, is that i would have hard time letting him go. coz i missed his chats, his calls, his sweet stuff and evrything in him, i guess i can no longer find a man who will loves me the way he did. and if time permits and if i would have the chance to go back to that time, i swear i should have done the right thing,
But its over now, and he would now belong to my memories, i never would intend to forget cause he made it a point to create a special space in my heart that time cant erase.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It doesnt makes sense!

When i was asked by my friend, how i am doing right now, i really blushed because i knew im not and still coping up, how could i be ok, when at night it came to my thought how they made me stupid, you know what, i have discovered that, when our relationship starts, he was already in a relationship. I dont know why God designed to meet our path, because i knew how i was so sincere in our relationship and in everything between us but then things didnt came up that way. Somehow, i respect his decision, but i cant accept why he did this to me, all i just want from the start is for him to be honest, and i knew it was so impossible..Right now, i took the road less travelled coz somehow i should have started dating and going out but i choose to be heal, i choose to mend the pain in the simpleast way possible.
I hope he would be happy for choosing her, thu things were not quite fine, i still wish for them a happy life ahead. I knew someone else is for me, who will love me truelly.
Thats all for now, thanks for droppin by

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

to love again

Radio’s fine.
It helps me forget for awhile
I look back and recall
Those days I had with you
Sometimes I need a friend
Just to make it through
Another day without you
You gave me all the reasons to live
Then you had to go
And I just got to let you know
Its hard to love again
Just to make it through
Another day spent without you
And I don’t want to go on pretending
That its going to be a happy ending
If I should love again
Once I’ve learned to love again
And, no, it will never be the same
Without you baby
This pain inside me is driving me crazy‘
Cause, its hard to love again
Friends are great
They cheer me up for sometime
When the day is done
My mind is back again with you
Oh God, I need a friend
Just to make it through
Another day spent without you