Sunday, March 18, 2012

Some Sunday Thoughts

As you noticed guys, i missed my entry for Saturday 9 meme to give way to Sunday Stealing entry. I remember joining this meme once and i kinda loved answering random questions from all sorts of thoughts. For a blogger, your lucky to have a sparkling thoughts everyday and updating your portals as often as possible requires a hard earned sweat and effort. For people who works on daytime, its much harder to think of a good thought that possibly could catch interests to your readers so everyday is indeed a struggle. But the happy thought, this portal always inspired me and motivates me to do more and to give more. Im also grateful to give some great thoughs about how helpful this journal-like portals to me. This serves as my avenue to air out my rants and my thoughts. Im a happy person so as you see i always offer good moods and positive energy. Thats how life should be and we just can start to appreciate life if we acknowledged the little things that give life its right purpose.

Yes, we have lots of complaints and questions on every imperfections that is happening or that happened to us but the good thing about past mistakes is that we are given countless chances to make things right and we can only do that if we make each single day a blessing and make the most of it. I remember being the other me on the past. I always planned thing and sometimes doubt my trust on my faith. But now, my perceptions changed drastically after some quick reminders and hard earned lessons. Im a better me yet i can feel a much trusting and a stronger faith than can even break mountains and walls. Amazing isnt it but im at my happiest. Indeed, theres always a happier ending for every sob story.

Happy Sunday Bloggers!