Monday, February 15, 2010

Hearts Day

Yesterday was the most lovers waited for, its the day intended to those who have finally found the man and the woman of their life. BUt as for me, it was just a day for celebration of singlehood. This is my first time i celebrated this special day just at home, with my family. Nevertheless i realized, valentines is not only for lovers, rather its also about love for your significant others like for your family, friends and people close to your heart - this is usually the excuse of the loveless, like me.(hehehhe). BUt believe it or not, as this day approaches i have lots of compelling reasons why is should not be sad on this day, though i find it hard at first to convince myself but truelly i have lots of reasons to celebrate and put a smile on this day, first and foremost because i knew from myself that i have peace of mind, second i have finally unburden all the garbages that has been in my heart for so long and lastly because finally i am ready to take another chance, im ready for another emotional roller coaster again, with someone hopefully that could complete the puzzle. But of course, i had few reasons too why i choose not to celebrate the love's day. First because i am sad of the fact that i have lose communication with a great friend. Im missing him really, but i knew he has the best reason why he cut the rope that attached him to me and vice-versa and i would like to respect that. Though i have developed feelings for him already, i would like to believe that this is the best thing for us, coz eventually if it isnt right, everything will fall into places at teh right time. They all say that its about destiny, coz if you are really meant for each other, it will just happen at the right time and to the right person. I guess, he just gets tired of the situation and cant blame him, but i would just leave it up to GOD, everything that happened was purposedly done and according to his plan. I may never understand at this very moment the reason why our paths crossed but hopefully at HIS time it will be answered.