Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In Between..... online tasks, i managed to give myself a break because i dont want to get drained and stressed again. I manage to grab 9 posts today and i need to submit it before the deadline. Good thing, im in the mood to write because as of this writing, i am done with the seven posts and currently working my eight posts. Hayst, life of a blogger is an absloute tiring yet a rewarding job. Do you agree?

Anyway, tomorrow is already Holy Thursday. What are your plans guys? are you planning for a vacation or an escapade probably. Well, that is a great break. You would surely enjoy such adventures. Im about to finish of my last task. Yepey.

Online Tasks

I am quite blessed to hav few online tasks to finish. I have just started to work on some while the rest are on my jobs list to do. But, im not complaining at all, in fact in super happy because it means something else. I just arrived from downtown as we did our grocery with my mom. I also bought a new dress for the Lenten Season. It took us few hours to shop and roam around. After which, i baked some sweets and decided to blog. Thank God, i never missed the pouring of online tasks as ive managed to catch few of them. Anyway, my brother will be coming tonight and we will be spending together as a whole family. Lenten for us is just few of the much awaited holidays because it means a family bonding to us. Honestly, i really have lots of things to thank God for this great year for me. Im just grateful that HE is so good to make all my wishes come true. I wish the Lenten observance gave you and me too a nourished spiritual journey all through out the year.

Scalp Care

Vanity needs not to be expensive for as long as you know the techniques and proper care for our body, then personal hygiene will become so easy and affordable. Personal care has something to do proper bathing, proper grooming and of course making ourself presentable to the people around us. You should never get tired of making yourself neat and clean because your grooming refelects your personality. For instance, in hair care, its importance to use the right shampoo and right comb to give your hair a smooth and shiny finish. There are variety of Kadus for hair and scalp that is available in the market. Test which of them best suits your hair needs. Try to shop at them online and get yourself the right pampering product for your hair and scalp.

Business Management Courses

When i graduated from my secondary years, i wanted to take up a business course because i believe that there will be more jobs available for me when i finished my degree. Nonetheless, my dream course never came true because i was offered an scholarship to take up Public Administration. The course is also great and i learned a lot of important things especially the whole spectrum of the government, in general. But if i will be given the chance to study again, i will enroll in the course that tackles the area of business management. Speaking of busines management, ive stumbled in a site that gave me vital information about such. I visited and was really amazed of how the site was informative for people who wanted to significant ideas about management courses. Visit it guys if you want to learn more about management stuff.

Electronic Cigarette

In the world of technological advancement, everything is possible. From communication aspects, home convenience, work comfortability and even from making your tobacco a high tech ready. Sounds cool, right? Im not kidding guys, im talking about e-cigarrete. Electronic cigarette or

E cigaratte is a electrical device that allows to stimulate the act of tobacco smoking. Its not a toy guys, this thing works by using heat to vaporize a propylene glycol liquid solution into an aerosol mist. In return, it produces an inhaled mist bearing the physical sensation, appearance and flavor of the real cigarette. Now your tobacco is already high-tech, right?