Monday, October 25, 2010

Election Day

This is the judgment day for all candidates hopeful for any posts. I guess some of them are already nervous of the outcome and some may already feel relieved nevertheless i am happy that we have done our best as far as support to our mom is concerned. All of us went house to house to campaign for my mom and really each of us has been so instrumental in her candidacy. As of this moment, there are still lot of people at home and really so tiring but then this is another day that is beyond special. I do hope my mom will make it but still open to the scenario of losing because we always believe that if its really for you and God wants you to be there then there's no reason why you will not end up there but if its not meant for you then no matter how you try harder, it will not really end up with you. Goodluck to us and to the rest of the candidates. I hope its still the spirit of sportsmanship that will prevail at the end.