Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sweet Meme

I actually don't know what to type in here but because i am smiling, i just think of sharing what had happened last night. I decided to logged in to my YM around midnight coz i forgot to get some load and just missing my partner. I was just checkin him if he was online. I sent him a message but i got no reply. So, i just decided to log out and then watch TV. After few minutes, i received a call from my honey and he told me that he got my message. I don't know what made me think but i told him that he is ignoring me (lol). I got few piece of explanations from him and he was really worried to death because i was just in silence. It doesn't mean anything actually, i was just teasing him. I've told him that i will just go to bed coz i will be working early tomorrow. Hayst, he didn't let me sleep, my phone keep on ringing and in an ungodly hours he was reciting his love for me. Well, to make the story short, i had a sweet Valentine celebration last night. I missed him now really. I don't know why its getting harder everyday but he is getting so sweeter and im indeed just lucky to have him in my life. I love you honey so much.