Monday, October 18, 2010

Barangay Election

One particular reason why i will be going home is because of the Barangay Election. My mom is one of the hopeful candidates who is running for a particular post and since we are really so close to one another, we decided that ill be going in advance to help my mom out there. We are really not in favor of her going to that dirty politics because of the fact that people in my place are so different. And that the political scenario there arent just good to people who wanted really to help and do public service. Anyways since she really want the post, we wanted to support her all the way, no matter what it takes. Shes our mom and we will always be here for her, through thick and thin. Sadly, the election is really so expensive nowadys coz vote buying is really so rampant. I just wish it doesnt really takes us that much but im in doubt coz with the required winnings people really demand for money so that they will write you in their respective ballots. Its really a headache but we want to let her feel that her children are always on her back. I just hope our preparation will be worth it. Its sad that public service is now for sale.

Be Going Home

Finally ill be going home to my place this Wednesday. I am really so excited, coz finally i will be sleeping in my room and hug my pillows and eat vegetables. I actually just got sick a few weeks ago and since i couldnt leave my job, i was left really with no one except of myself. No one takes good care of me and worst i coundt eat even the full meal. Luckily, my borther brought be fruits and the entire week, i was just eating fresh fruits and lately i just ordered fresh fruits salad. That became my meal for almost a week. And when my mom called up, i really complained that i wanted to eat vegetables and fish.I guess i cant withstand a meal that are all take outs, i mean we cannot really do some cooking, so most of the time, we will just ate outside and i really cant live with that. When i was sick i was like a pregnant lady, i was craving for things i wanted to eat. And since my groceries are all canned goods, i really didnt eat the entire time. I just drink water and eat some sweets. I said to myself, tht i guess when ill get pregnant, its much more worst because i will be probably the most choosy woman ever,hehehhe. But finally ive gained back my appetite and im happy that i have losed weight and im back with my sexy figure. Im happy that when i bought my pants last weekend, i can finally fit some sexy jeans that i just longed when i gain weight. Anyway, i am glad i had the chance to go home while my account hasnt open yet so ill gonna be spending some quality time first at home and really decided personally to be with my family and eat foods that i like. I hope i woundt gain weight there.hehehhe

Super Typhoon Juan

I wish places who are affected by his super typhoon will really be prepared by the strong winds and possible landslides caused by this super typhoon. Its also very important that they will be prepared by their corresponding kit from the food, flashlights and medical kit for possible medical scenarios. If still has the chance as early as possible they are really advised to evacuate especially if they are near the seas where possible tydal waves may occur. We really feel lucky that despite the fact that Visayas regions are near with pacific oceans but seldom we are really visited by super typhoons. I guess its the faith of the people in these regions that really protect them from harm and natural calamities. I wish really there will be less people harmed from these calamities and my prayer for the people affected and will be affected by this super typhoon.