Saturday, October 25, 2008

A nice Evening

Good evening bloggers, well i was not able to return home since i did not catch the last trip on my way to my boarding house, i was really so frustrated because i don't have a choice but to stay at the hotel for the meantime but i will get up early tomorrow as possible so that i could rest.

I already missed my family really but i could not go home yet because my boss will be coming over tomorrow, my mom will undergo her operation by monday so i need to save a extra buckets for it, sadly i am in financial difficulty getting senti..

Hope you have already take your dinner by now..

Happy Weekends

Hows your weekend everyone? hope you had a great day, sorry i missed two day for updates on this blog, because i was on my out of town trip. hope to be back in blogging n monday, hope you could leave me a message as you visit my site...take care guys..


This is what im feeling right now, my head is really aching that much, because of fatigue and i havent got enough sleep, ive arrived at home last night about 2 am in the morning because we had our soft opening to our third outlet at Baybay City. It was really a very tiring day for me because despite our effort to put things in place, still we were nt able to complete our electrical requirements and t my dismay we were about to operate on the late afternoon. I had an early rise this morning because i need t, our store will launch its grand opening today and i need to be there before 8 am. i was already late because my body was already complaining but i am crossing my fingers that all of these will be worth it. hopefully we can surpass sales from other branch. ill update later as to how much weve sold on our grand opening..