Thursday, July 9, 2009

PPP wanted

opps pls,.i missed PPP opps already, hopefully they could remebered me,hehehe. I am saving for one imporatnt thing to purchase from this blogging endeavor that is why i am really asking heartily from PPP for some opps,hehehe.Sounds desperate, but its life, we have to be very hardworking, anyway ill take my lunch coz i think im already hungry, i havent taken my breakfast already. BYe for now, see yah!


I guess you have missed me already guys, dont you?hehehhe, anyway i am seldom seen at the blogosphere due to some inevitable circumstances. I am quite busy in my work and i had some pending tasks that are in lined as of the moment. BUt of course i will not forget this blog, thu i am always online everyday but i just cant think of something interesting to update here.hehhe. I am quite sad that PPP is not giving me some opps,hehehhe. BUt i am positive that before the week ends they could give me some task, even just a little penny will do.heheh. My other blog is already activated, from time to time i am really trying my best to update it, hopefully you could add my other blog guys, pls..hehehe