Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekend Greetings

Hi there guys, hows your sleep? Hope you had a great morning. As for me, i guess i need some sleep but i cant ill be leaving this afternoon to the nearby city for an important matter. I was supposed to sleep first even just for an hour but my hubby called me up few times for some reminder. I am so excited going to Cebu later but i will surely missed you guys. I hope i could find time to update here, how i wish. I knew i will be so busy this week because we will be celebrating my grandmom's death anniversary next weekend.

As for my online tasks, i manage to finish my reviews from a client, i noticed it getting harder and i need to stay focus all the time because she is paying us well and good thing im doing a minimum of ten reviews per day with her alone. Yay, yesterday's tasks were pretty hard. Its not actually a simple review, its more of a research based and needs to be made professionally and a little personal opinion. I managed to reached my quota with them but still have to motivate myself to do more. Meanwhile, today is my day. I need to enjoy and Thanks my hubby for allowing me to be in Cebu and of course, shop - the best thing about travelling.wink*

Got to go guys, ill blog visit first before ill prepare.mwah