Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thrilling and Exciting

Election is already felt in our barangay and i guess even to the nearby place in town. I can already see people talking to the voters and some even prepared their vote buying strategies. Meetings are everywhere and SK voters are all gone. I wondered where they are going, but well im not so ignorant on that strategy. Nonetheless at the end of the day it all depends on the voter himself. But really i am so grateful that we were been so blessed in terms os support for my mom, financially and resources wise. At least we have already prepared everything ahead of time and all is ready. I admire how each of us support my mom all the way, from preparation of all she needs until to the last card. We also talk to one another about our respective strategies and even hired a watcher for my mom alone. Lucky that aside from the money we have set aside, our aunt came and gave us support just to make sure my mom will win and the rest of the guys who really came and gave out their personaly and monetary support for her candidacy. I knew its really been so thrilling and we are also nervous on the outcome but rest assured that lost or win, we are on her back, on her side and will always be with her, as her children. And that made her the winner.