Monday, October 31, 2011

Affordable Cufflinks

The journey in this life is so to speak very uncertain. There's no such thing as constant no matter how we try to love or embrace a great life. With this, its too hard to pretend to be fine when you are not and to dream when you knew its far from your reach. Judging other people with their living and their life is easy but sweeping away our own garbage is difficult coz we thought we are perfect when we knew we arent. Life itself is not perfect so its right to presume that each one of us has their own weakness, worst trials and even awful mistakes yet whats important is at the end of the day you acknowledge your wrongdoings. I dont mind people talking more about other people if in any case they have good background BUT if you care more or flaunt others mistakes that you have failed to examine what you've done in the past then be ashamed coz its like targetting a bullet at your own face. Its easy to shout at others weakness and exceptions but be sure to have kept yours somewhere you can hide it the most. Its never been our business talking largely about how others failed but if you go beyond your limitations then its another story.

In a simpler sense, why do you care most of other people life when you knew youre not doing well? Why dont you just try harder to make your life extra good. I mean the common mistakes of most people is that they guard their enemies as tight as they could that they forgot to do something for their own. Sometimes its ironic how people seems live a life full of pretentions. Reality check is scary but you have to face it. Face the reality and do something instead of ranting and minding other people's life.

Anyway, if you want to augment your living and youre tired of sitting and sleeping then why dont you just sell cufflinks. Its a good business now and i saw a variety of silver cufflinks that will surely be saleable to both gender. Im sure selling cufflinks for men is a good investment. Try it!

Happy MOnday

Its an extra special day. Its a holiday in our place and i love how the weather is a bit gloomy. I love to just sleep and take a good rest while work is still on the coming days. I could sense a holiday air already. Wowo, im so excited for the coming Christmas as i have great plans for it. As for today, i am running an errand as requested by my partner. He is in business trip now for a trade show and he will be back by Thursday. He called up last night for an important stuff that he wants me to settle and the girl contacted me earlier today for confirmation. Hayst, my partner doesnt want NO for an answer so everytime he wants me to do something may it be a personal or business errand, i always make it a priority. Well, im not complaining either because if ill figure its just so small compare to all the things he has done for me and for the family. I may not share every detail of how he has been supportive but its enough for me to shop weekly. wink!