Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What a Day!

The moment i stepped my feet at our house i immedietly felt the pain of my legs and i really felt so tired. We roamed around the city the entire day, just imagine that. I promised my brother to buy him a rubber shoes which he will use for his basketball games and it really ate our time looking for a nice pair. Gladly, we found one and the price breaks banks but it doesnt matter, the glow in his eyes when i pay for the item was enough. I also managed to visit a salon today for my hair treatment so it was really so tiring because it took me almost five hours. NOnetheless, everything was worth it. I am indeed so grateful to my Provider for making things possible and to my hubby for being a great partner.

Guess what guys? he will be comin over this year and as to what month, let me keep you guessing first. We actually talked last night about his month long vacation this year and he disclose the date while early next year he will be settling for good here. I really never thought things will be as fast as this, i mean i always thought that it will took us few years before he can settle the papers and his property but then this is it. Its really no turning back. God has really great plans for each one of us. We will just realized it after we see things at the right order and you felt things run smoothly at the perfect time. Prayer really says a lot in every endeavor that we does. Also, its important that you remain down to earth because things go quickly to people who let their heads get bigger than their hats. Also, whatever your economical status in life its best to look back to where you came from and treat people rightly coz the moment you slide down you will see them clapping while you are the ground. Im saying that good things mostly happened to people who have good heart, am i saying things right? hopefully..

Anyway, have a great evening. I still need to finish few task more and ill be in bed soon but of course after i talk to my beloved honey. He visited his son today so he will arrived late. Sweetdreams...

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