Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Earn Just to Sell a Website

If theres one thing i wanna do or invest into, its about creating a small endeavor or venture online. I figured there are so many things you can do with the presence of internet. You can sell stuff, you can create a service company, you can be an online tuitor, a blogger, a website moderator and even an assistant is possible. Who says secretary are just for real office? Not now dear because technology gave us flexibility and comfort that is impossible to imagine but became possible as of this time. For instance, who would have thought that i will become a blogger when i dont have a thing for computer those time. I even skip classes just to escape from our hands on computer tests. Its quite a shame on me but i really dont know how to open a browser back then. Gladly, i became curious about internet and my curiusity brings me to this endeavor and as of this time, i am the humble owner of four sites to be exact.

Anyway, if you have extra time then why dont you try your luck here. Internet is fun and will always be fun so imagine a workplace where you only deal with one stuff and thats internet, quite amazing,right? So to start your money earning journey, check out some tips online on money making endeavors. Hence, if you are a computer nerd, then you can sell a website because as far as i know, its return of investment is quite big. Check out some business for saleonline or business broker on the net to help you reach your success online.But of course the journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step so if you want to have a sure shot then build a website and slowly monetize it. Thats the easy and proven way to earn money online.

Wide Variety of Thermal Paper


The death toll of the aftermath of typhoon that hits recently has been increasing while some are still missing. Its quite devastating seeing those dead bodies on the street while some are just rolled with plastics to prevent it from smelling. The local government has ordered for mass grave for all the dead bodies which was not claimed as of this time. Whenever i watched these folks shared their experiences during that time, i couldnt help but be grateful that i have still this life and for that note, we are so much lucky for having been given the chance to spend time with our family and enjoy some good times.Im glad there are still good samaritans in town who reach out to help our countrymen recover from this devastating incident. In one of the radio show that i happened to listen, they mentioned about some environmental issues which in one way or the other instrumental for having had a disaster at this mentioned localities. The illegal logging is so rampant and one officer even mentioned that they had hard time helping some villagers because of the so many logs that hits and hampers their way. If its true, then i figured its time to start caring for Mother Nature. Well, the latter has bestowed us so many resources thats why its just right to give back the favor. You can start your share even by lessening your paper mess because in one way or the other it can prevent from less trees to be cut. You can also help by using paper rolls and thermal paper wisely so that more trees and forests will be save. Speaking of papers, i just recently stumble this site about paper rolls. I was browsing for a good brand for office usage and im glad i checked out prosourcepaper.com because it gave me so many ideas especially on picking up for the best brand and availing of quality yet budget friendly paper supplies.

Excited for Sister's Coming

I mentioned in my post earlier that i have wired my sister certain amount for her travel back home. I quite missed her a lot and i wouldnt want to miss this chance of bonding with her before she went back to another five months at Iloilo. On the least side, the brother is still on travel and will be going home i guess in the 24th because he is also planning to bring his car. We are planning to take some trips this holiday just to some nearby town and having your own car would surely bring the family a festive mood.

Anyway, I had a great time at the mall today. I bought something for myself, no wonder i am so delighted. Kidding aside, id like to of course give thanks to my partner for being so generous to me. Whenever i just asked something on him, he will really give the world if he can. This Christmas is quite especial to me so pardon me guys if im a bit emotional in some of my posts.God has been so good to me this year and i want to return the favor even in just little things that i could do.As with the hubby, he is scheduled to visit some vendors and customers since the other day, He had been sick yet he doesnt want to listen to me when i told him to take some leave. Hopefully, the transfer of the ownership would happen very soon as it gives so much stressed to my lovey dovey. Well, i hope you had a great day guys. I always wish for everyones bright mood and of course lets not forget to pray for the victims of typhoon Sendong.