Tuesday, April 28, 2009


We will have a meeting tomorrow at our regionaly office, agenda is our fresh produce business and the attendees are limited to us and to our CG department. For sure this will be a tiring day tomorrow,hayyyz


How ill one knows that what youre lookin for is just a step away? how will you know that she is the right woman for you? by how you feel, or because you think she is destined for u? Just confused how our love story is created, by time or by destiny? if really we are destined for somebody else, then why are there lot of broken hearts, why are there lot of people who seems to claimed that they have found the wrong partner in life, why are there regrets, why there is pain over choices at start we felt we are at the right track, but whatever complications life may bring, one thing is for sure, destiny is a matter of choice, a choice to where track your feet would like to lead to, nevertheless this path should always bring the happiness we are looking and longing for.

Been Busy

been busy for quite a few days, apologize guys, i just need to finish a lot of things, but certainly i am just here to those who visited my blog, dont worry guys after just this month i will be visiting your blog very often, just now as i am running out of time for a variety of concerns, hopefully i could finish this before the end of the month.

Summer Get away

Our summer outing is schedule this coming may 8 and 9 at Biliran Island. All personnel from Visayas will join us since we are the host branch. By now we are now starting preparing for the said events, we have a variety of parlor games, ball games and other activities for the said spotsfeast. Yesterday we were able to fix things for our uniform, we will have actually 2 sets of uniform, one is the jersey type and the other is just a mere shirt, our color is green, that i suggest because green is the color of the year, and its a lucky color they say, except for green minded people.hehhe

Island Hopping

Well it was such a great experienced when we had our island hopping last saturday at Agta Beach resort at Biliran Island. I really enjoyed since we had a great time at the beach. the owner actually invited us to visit there place since they will soon be a business partner. I was given a beautiful room, it was like a paradise. When we went to the nerby island, it was like a mini boracay, white sand, clear water, great ambiance, though it was not yet developed but the place itself really is a paradise. The forest are still virgin, birds are all around and what was fantastic was the island was seem very private and peaceful. You could have a relaxing sleep with the sounds of the birds, the clear water plus the white sand really makes the place a great sanctuary. You shouldn missed visiting the place.